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Should we get paid for going to school

Should we get paid for going to school because students have to work hard to get work done


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This would be good for familes who have low-income or very low income.

This might just help them out a little, lessen their burden and make school a place where their children could mingle with groups of normal friends.

Well for the well-paid or rich familes we should'nt give them money since they are so 'rich'.

Give Money to the poor and Give noting to the rich. :]

I thought about the rich giving money to the school so that the school could give money to the poor but this seems a bit to me like communism so i've decided it's best low-income familes with children should be paid for going to school whereas the rich should be excluded from this. :]

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JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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If their parents had stayed in school and started saving money early and gone to college they wouldn't be at a low income.

We should be teaching students how to take advantage of capitalism, instead of how to settle with failure.

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sprice(2) Disputed
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Ah...paying the poor to help even up the financial situation...communism at its best...

Here's an hard, work hard and stay away from drugs and from other people who would hold you back. That is how you achieve the American Dream. Not by walking around with one hand held out and a sense of entitlement.

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MKIced(2511) Disputed
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Wouldn't that be amazing? I wish. But there is one big problem I can't get over. Where is the money coming from? How do you intend the government should come up with enough money to pay every low income student in the country?

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Correction: Familes should not be given too much money, money that sums up to $200 or more.

I would wish for children that are in very low-income familes to have subsidized school materials and some pocket money like $2-$3 to be given to them to relieve their hunger.

Good question MKIced, Where do the government get this money to give low-income familes from ?

We are currently now in global recession and many people live in dark times, this gives people a chance to experience the hunger and hopelessness of poor dying people who lived in poverty in africa and other countries.

Many people think that their life savings to them is everything and once lost it would inpact them greatly.

If they still have a job that is still bad but if they lost their life savings their jobs their friends and familes that would certainly be very bad. I will feel sorry for them but not so likely since there are worse people who suffer worse fate than such people.

There are many poverty-stricken familes in Africa and they live in poverty from the start of their lives to the end. They have very sustanance to keep them alive, their backbones and bloated stomachs could be seen.

A bottle of clean water or a bowl of rice could be heaven for them but not for us.

If i am the government of Africa and there are both rich and poor people i will be in a dilema !

Who will i help ?

The not-so-rich or the dieing ?

It is a very hard decision indeed....

If i never help the not-s0-rich, they will eventually become bankrupt like some banks and then the government will not have enough money since the country economy has gone to smokes.

If i help the not-so-rich, the economy will recover but still there will be problems although some life will be saved from hunger and death the government can't SAFE all of them. People will still die as the Aid of the Government alone doesn't reach to the far ends of the country.

It is similar to our case where the government cannot find enough money to provide aid for all low-income familes in the country.

SO that is why i suggested this, that only low-income familes with children going to school should get paid for going to school.

I government did actually help i am glad, the parents of the low-income families will be glad.

Certainly, there are still some familes which is out of rich of the government aid but remember this MKiced ..

Every of our effort to make some familes life easier counts, even though we don't help ALL we still help some

Helping some people is better than helping none.

That is my point. :]

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just because i said so...................................................................................................i hate this 50 character minimum crap. the old 14 was enough i think.

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When you're going to school, society is contributing to you not the other way around. So you're technically paid in knowledge.

Knowledge is like fake money, it can only get you places if you know how to abuse it~

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Age requirements on CreateDebate.

For god's sake, IQ requirements. This is ridiculous.

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hey i just did this for the fun of it its not like i really wanted to be paid i just wanted to see what others thought about it, i am plenty old enough to do what ever i want to thank you very much

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Haha, when I was a kid in elementary school I used to argue that I should get paid to go to school. It's one of those things that I look back on and think, wow that was a dumb thing to think.

I guess in the long run students are getting paid, but not with money. With an education. You see, money is a lot easier to make with a good education.

Now some may argue that it would be a source of education, well, that's true but students would then be coming to school just to get their money. The motivation would be in the wrong place.

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School are having a hard time to even increase tuition fees every school year because of the protest it gets from the students. How much more pay all those thousand other students who goes to school. And as quoted school is your main source for learning and not income. You can have all the money in the world once you do your best in school.

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Absolutely not. School supplies you with the knowledge you need to get a job (that's how people make money).

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Economics call education Human Capital. It's literally seen as nothing more than a profitability booster.

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Well, listen people. We go to school to learn valuable life skills, and facts, that, in fact, probably won't help us at all in life, and we pay taxes for it. Knowledge, in my opinion, is the greatest thing you can have, no question about it. Paying a few bucks a month to be able to learn how to live, essentially, is nothing.

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Um, no. But we should have mandatory tuition coverage from the govt, or parents, anyone, until we get a Bachelors Degree. Telling me to find 40k to get my BS so I can get paid above minimum wage, and then spending the first 10 years of my life paying off that 40k, is fuckin ridiculous. College being more expensive than the first 12 years of school is pretty absurd; I think the system is backwards.

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