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 Should we get rid of black history month? (6)

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Should we get rid of black history month?

I’d just like to say that my opinion is that we should. But not bc of racism. Bc I believe that all history should be taught all the time. 
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It’s a load of P C nonsense and one could imagine the uproar and calls of racism if there was a white history month , already I’ve read of various different over the top P C idiots in the U S bleating about how the U S needs to be “ reminded of its past “

Why not instead have a “Black responsibility month” where blacks take on board their continuing playing of the victim card when it comes to problems faced by them in the U S ?

Why do blacks in the U S constantly blame the U S whites for their ghettos , gangs , criminality , unemployment and drugs problems ?

My people the Irish were universally treated appallingly in the U S and other countries yet we prevailed and got on with it instead of whining and blaming others for our problems

Most the supporters of this nonsense also bleat on about the other favourite whine as the mythical “ white privilege “ nonsense so popular at the moment amongst whining blacks

I note the racism in the U S seems to be all well and good when black celebrities are doing it ........

Rapper Cakes da Killa - who asked white attendees to leave the stage during his show for Black History Month - has hit back at a news report which he says insinuated he's racist.

The LGBTQ rapper - also known as Rashard Bradshaw - made the request on Saturday ahead of playing one of his songs with Honey Dijon at a New York City nightclub event called "Battle Hymn."

He told the audience, "When I said it was Black History Month, I mean, like, I need all you blacks on the stage."

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If such events placate the African Americans and helps them to feel an important part of the community then this type of 'Black recognition' should be fostered.

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No? If you don't want to recognise something for whatever reason, just don't. I don't think any of these celebrations or events are formally shut down, I think they just fade over time as they become dull, irrelevant or redundant. I'm sure there are many such events from the past you're unaware of already. This is one of the few cases where time, decay and apathy might be on our side.

However you appear to disagree with black history month in favour of all history. Sure, that's noble I guess, but the point of having it in the first place is to help dampen racism through understanding and acknowledgement as well as make up for a disproportionate lack of knowledge of black history over other history. It'll fade as it is collectively decided to not be relevant.

NomberOne(29) Disputed
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If Liberals could shut up about racism, it might go away but guess what? They can't shut up about it. They are brainwashed to bring it up every two minutes.

No, we shouldn’t get rid of it, it should be integrated into society like every historical fact. But, all people of all different bone and blood morphology should be aware, that there are other groups, ones that have been around 6000 years before Columbus, and others that seek asylum from violence and poverty. There is no doubt that Black Americans have accomplished amazing things, in all aspects of American culture, but there were other American cultures who were not so lucky as to even be left alive.

I believe be it should be noted that it is self evident in today’s culture that popularity is born out of influence, and it is impossible to have influence if you’ve been dead for 200 years.

Personally, I don't think we should, because that month allows us to celebrate every african american leader that lived before us and that will live after us, but that being said, I'm afraid some people take that holiday to offense. I've read debates where many people say "Why do african americans get a whole month of recognition?" or "I feel like by creating a black history month, they are mocking us, making us only feel special for one month our of a whole year. Shouldn't black leaders and politicians get everyday recognition just like white leaders or politicians?" And quite honestly, that last one does make a bit of sense.