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Should we leave the mentally ill completely on their own, without any support at all?


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A madman with no support is a freak,

A madman with support is a tyrant.

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Swryght(161) Disputed
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"Madman" is an obsolete and oppressive phrase dating from a time when we did not understand mental illness as well as we do today. 'Mental illness' is not a single disease, but rather many clusters of more than 300 identified mental disorders. Are you arguing that any mentally ill person who is receiving support (e.g., psychotherapy, medication, assistance from family/community) is a tyrant? This is manifestly untrue. Only complete ignorance and/or inexperience of/with mental illness could produce such a bizarre belief.

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Hitler(2364) Disputed
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Exceptionally well said. That is all.

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Do you also support leaving the physically ill completely on their own, without any support at all? There is no situation in which this premise is logically sound, particularly when looked at from a pragmatic perspective.

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He doesn't support anything he posts. He just asks questions.

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Jace(5161) Clarified
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Incorrect. See?

Besides, that could just as well address anyone on the affirmative of the debate as the moderator. Though thanks for the intended time/effort saver info.

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