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Should we pronounce the words acronyms form or say each individual letter?

The whole point of acronyms is to shorten what needs to be said.  But it is even shorter when you pronounce the word formed by the acronym.  For example:

Federal Army General

You can either say each letter individually:  

F - A - G (i.e., Ef Ay Gee)

Or you can just pronounce the word formed by the acronym:


It is even shorter to just pronounce it.  Then you can say stuff like:

Eisenhower was a FAG but Patton was a big FAG!  And don't get me started on Sherman, I mean, talk about FAGs...


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Wait..., what? No!

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Let's take the acronym for The Society for the Prevention of Little Animal Tragedies (S.P.L.A.T). You can say each letter or just say, SPLAT. ;)

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What if the acronym has no vowels in it? It is only going to confuse our resident KKK members.

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Certain acronym do not form words. So, for those, say each individual letter ;)

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