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Should we pursue relentlessly towards self-sufficient and intelligent AI?

Technilogical singularity- the hypothesis that accelerating progress in technologies will cause a runaway effect wherein artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity and control, thus radically changing civilization.


To explain, it also means we learn new technoligies faster the more we advance, like a snowball effect or going down an inward spiral fast faster until you reach the end, or the peak of our potential. The peak being the extent of our abilities bounded by the laws of the universe.

Should we aggresively utilize AI to advance our race to the fullest extent possible? If not, should we tread carefully through it to make safeguards against rogue AI, or should we not pursue AI at all?


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IMO AI is going to be used in its most advanced applications to interface directly to human brains. The AI part of the system will supply the raw information handling power to the consciousness of the human brain. This should and will be the direction of development.

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AI will make life way easier for us. Imagine an intelligent robot picking up your laundry, mowing your lawn or even cooking your food.

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The main issue seems to be the belief that superior beings hold little value for inferior beings. This may be universal or it may be limited to humans. If it is universal, then we should avoid true AI; if it is limited to humans, then hakuna matata.

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