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Should we reform a lot of the food being eaten in the U.S.?

I was wondering what anyone thinks about this.


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An excellent point within your question.

I feel that significantly more time and resources should be spent in the prevention of illnesses by educating the nation on the health benefits of good nutrition.

Stricter controls need to be applied to the inclusion of additives into the foodstuffs which are on sale to the public as most if these, are to a greater or lesser extent carcinogenic.

Lifestyle habits such as exercise with minimal alcohol intake and the total elimination of ''so called'' recreational drugs must be taught.

This is not going to happen overnight so the sooner such a programme was introduced the better.

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I think a lot of the food we eat in the U.S. is very unhealthy for you. Wonder why the cancer rates are high? Think of all the bad food we're eating.

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Ultimately, the approach to food reform should take a balanced approach that considers the complexities and trade-offs involved.

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