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Sure, less whining. The PISA test is in Finish.
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Should we send our students to Finland?

Sure, less whining.

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The PISA test is in Finish.

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If you don't want to do homework, stop whining and go to Finland ;)

Side: Sure, less whining.
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Everyone should copy the Finnish economic system .

Side: Sure, less whining.

And then we will be done. ;)

Side: Sure, less whining.
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Seriously this is just bullshit statistics made up. I've never seen a statistic as bullshit as the idea that finland has only got 600,000 students and USA has only got 1.1 million that is just complete and utter bullcrap.

Additionally, Finland doesn't require a master's degree to be a teacher because the top 10% of students will want to be a far better job than a teacher.

Side: The PISA test is in Finish.

Teachers get a lot of time off work. What could be better ;)

Side: The PISA test is in Finish.
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It actually is not that far off...

Side: Sure, less whining.