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Should we show respect for people?

More specifically, should we show respect to complete strangers or someone of authority purely because they're of a higher status than us? Or should people have to earn our respect before we show it?


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Yes we should respect other people in my opinion because some people are older than us and know from experience how things work and what they do. We should respect old people because it is rude to be mean to them. I respect everyone its good to respect other people. I show respect to a lot of people at my school if I didn't show respect I would be a different person and most of the people at my school that are my friends wouldn't be my friends if I didn't show them respect.

Respect is an important thing in life because you need to show respect to your boss, employee's and other people who have higher power than you because one false move you can get yourself fired from job, lose your friends, lose trust in other people.

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Yes. I mean, this shouldn't even be debatable. Respect is not only important in school, it's important in life in general. The lack of respect is what creates wars, racism, and other types of conflict. People don't respect each other.

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Ever since I was a child I've been told to respect my elders and figures of authority, and ever since being a child I've questioned why.

Why should I respect my elders? Because they're older than me? The last time I checked, being older doesn't make you any smarter or more accomplished than a much younger person. Sure, I'll respect an older person if they did something amazing like save a child from dying or something, but it's not going to be because they're older, it'll be because they're not a complete jackass.

In the same vein, why should I respect my teachers, police, my boss or a military service person of high status?

Granted, I respect their position and that they have the right to tell me what to do because they've earnt it (in some cases, anyway), but, again, why should I respect them if I don't know them?

People have to earn my respect before I show it to them.

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Respecting someone does not require you to know them. Respect does not mean "bowing down" or putting them over you. It just means understanding that they have their opinions and their values, I guess you could say, and not offending them purposely in anyway.

Also, respecting your elders is different in every culture I guess. However, you can't just blatantly disrecept someone older than you, because you refuse to follow the rule that you should 'Respect your elders'.

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Respect is a lot different from "respect".

I "respect" everyone I meet and treat them nicely, (except on CD >;D), but that doesn't mean that I truly respect them.

It takes more than just being born a human to earn my respect. It takes more than just living to an old age as well.

Someone who goes beyond the norm and learns and does great things is a person I respect. Living a long life does often lead to experience and knowledge, but I know people who I respect, and some of them are quite young. Once they are older, they would not only have the respect that their own intelligent brings them, but also experience, which would make them truly a force to be reckoned with.

Respect isn't just something I toss around to anyone. There are some people I do respect more than others, old people who I think are idiots and young people I think of as genius.

What a person does in life is up to that person, and a person who chooses to do things that I find worthy of respect will be respected.

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There's a difference between showing respect, and actually respecting someone.

I show respect to everyone, it's polite, especially if you don't know them because you can't judge them. I actually only have respect for about two people in my life though. There's a big difference.

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i am much too lazy anyway ande many other people too..........

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Respect commands respect. Respect, therefore, is a two way street.

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