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Should we show the public faces of juveniles who commit murder?

I specify murder because i admit that there is no need to embarrass the reputation of young kids who indulge in petty crimes. But hey, if you disagree to that, let me knowwwww 


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Of course we should. Public humiliation is yet one more deterrent to crime. When the Parents are shamed by seeing their child all over the news, it might just hit home that they better start being PARENTS to the children that have not yet killed someone.

Maybe some of these dead beat parents who abandon their children might get shamed once in their life. Who knows, maybe some of these dead beats would choose to actually raise their own children if they were shamed for walking out.

But of course we are talking about this new age Progressive no fault culture where criminals and the irresponsible are not held to accountability. The Left is more worried about a criminal's rights than their victims.

Democrats are always big on shortened criminal sentences, and then we see constant repeat crimes from these losers all the time. We see Americans being killed in America from illegal immigrants who the Left did not want to deport!

We see criminals breaking the laws by taking illegal drugs, and living off welfare. How do you like your tax dollars paying for illegal drugs? These criminals sell their food stamps for drugs!

Democrats are weak on crime because these criminals are one of the Democrat's voting blocks.

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seanB(951) Disputed
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You know Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer had pretty good parents, it didn't stop them from being serial killers. Why? Because psychopathy is a structural brain abnormality. You can't teach it out of someone.

And you think the answer to this is to shame parents?

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Ted Bundy serial killer and Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer and cannibal. Because psychopathy is a structural brain abnormality it should be excused ?

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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LOL, we are speaking about murderers, and you bring up the very few serial killers in past decades.

What a waste ot time debating the intellect of Liberals.

I guess all the gang killings in big cities are because of psychopathy? Nothing to do with a lack of fathers and family structure.

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The person has already committed murder and is going to go through a horrible punishment, why humiliate them even more? Plus, they still have their whole life ahead of them. Think of all the people that are going to see their face and remember them when they're trying to apply for a job.

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