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Should we start importing right wing foreigners since immigration laws don't matter


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The present dangerous imbalance of globalist left wing anarchists threatens to overwhelm the nation as well as our free and democratic society which we foolishly take for granted.

Intellectuals like the brilliant Noam Chomsky live isolated from the dog-eat-dog real world in their comfortable, Don Quixote type bubbles from where they convincingly articulate the necessity for a more equal society and how the present system of a hierarchy structure is doomed to failure.

All very noble sentiments, but what these very clever people fail to recognize, or at least say they don't understand, is that the world's societies have been organized along a hierarchy of control since the emergence of humankind.

In their remote world of detachment from reality they also appear to overlook that to achieve their unrealistic vision of a Utopian Global Society they would have to change mankind's fundamental nature which consists of, one-upmanship, territorialism, a burning desire to dominate by fair means or foul, thirsty ambition,( or pig-like greed, if you want), envy, lust, hatred ( observe Nom's hate filled rants) and a host of inborn human features which could never be sufficiently uniformed to attain their unrealistic dream of a society in which everyone is equal and nobody is the boss.

During their lectures these latter day left-wing geniuses cast a Svengali type trance on their overawed audiences who actually believe that a fairy-tale world can come true.

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Yes, we need to increase the moderate right wing of our population by engaging in positive discrimination of immigrants in order to tackle the dangers of the current radical left wing dominance spawning extreme right wing groups.

The emergence of these neo Nazi groups in Europe is the inescapable BACKLASH against the implementation of the loony leftist's madcap policies of unregulated immigration and the inevitable increase in violent crime rates, the erosion of the hard fought for, and much treasured national cultures and heritages of many European nations.

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Should we start importing right wing foreigners since immigration laws don't matter


Matthew 25:35 — "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me."


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Cocopops(345) Disputed
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You're suggesting that America is turned into an enormous soup kitchen for the millions of diseased,flea ridden rabble from the failed nations of the world.

If this left-wing, madcap ideology is allowed to continue at its present unsustainable rate we'll very soon be clean out of soup.

Hey, you up there, Matthew, forget about the five barley loaves and two fishes, just send us down an endless supply of soup?

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Cool. Nevermind that immigration is covered in the Bible, and this verse isn't it. But forget all that. Let's go with it. So mass import millions of right wingers who say they're hungry. Let's do it.

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ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Right wing foreigners are mostly fascists or white nationalists … just like many of the domestic ones. (The famous "basket" ) ;-)

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Not actually. Fascism was actually created by Giovani Gentile, who was a Communist who literally said he fashioned Fascism after Communism.

Nazi minister Joseph Goebbels literally said Communism and Nazism were the same thing.

What? CNN didn't tell you?????


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AlofRI(2825) Clarified
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Actually, I should have known if I wanted to know anything about fascism or Nazis I could go to CD's Nazi/fascist. I'll remember next time.

Actually, I didn't ask CNN so they obviously didn't tell me … what I actually didn't want to know, dude. ;-)

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Nom_Chomsky(846) Disputed
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Not actually. Fascism was actually created by Giovani Gentile, who was a Communist

He was literally murdered by Communists because he was a fascist you utterly fucking retarded LIAR.


Every single word.

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