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Should we (the united kingdom) pull out of the european union?


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pull out of the eu and officially become the 51st state? on the other hand, the eu is already under the control of the usa.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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You're money's worth more, you have better health care, longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality, better pre-graduate education and your post-graduate education is catching up, and as part of the EU you actually have slightly higher GDP - though not per capita.

I would hold off becoming a State, least till Bush's mess is cleaned up.

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That could take a longtime, and we are in the middle of a depression (possibly it might ge better though)

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The UK should not switch out of the EU as it is a leader of European countries. It is indisputable that with a strong economy and leadership other countries look up to us. The UK is ranked as the 5th most powerful nation in the world and has a very strong economy. The EU was created to integrate European countries into the new world. It was created to bring together the continent of Europe. Not split it up. It was not to make individual countries more powerful so that eventually they would become completely independent of the EU. Therefore, in order to follow out the original ambitions of the EU and to give it the highest opportunity of success the UK should stay in.

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With economy as it is, and with the vat rising (to 20%) I am now not so sure. We (the government) should do something and provide more jobs

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