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Should we use the term pregnant person sometimes?

Do you think pregnant person is a good term to use occasionally or that it is problematic for example erasing women?

Yes, sometimes.

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No, never, NEVER!

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Yes, we should use the term sometimes. That way transgender men and non-binary people are not excluded. We can still use the term woman.

Supporting Evidence: Slate gender inclusive language. (
Side: Yes, sometimes.
BrontoLite(759) Disputed
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Yes, we should use the term sometimes. That way transgender men and non-binary people are not excluded. We can still use the term woman.

I'm sorry, I don't practice your religion, so I can do whatever I want. It's like magic. In fact it is magic. I'm a wizard, and you are to address me as such. Sir Wizard from now on.

Side: No, never, NEVER!
Dr_Batman(1523) Disputed
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Nope. Your argument is invalidated once again. You have no truth within you and you deny what a woman is. What is a woman? The opposite of a man. Men are men. Women are women. Boys are boys. Girls are girls. To believe that a man can become a woman and can get pregnant is insane. To believe that a woman can become a man is also insane. Your arguments will continue to be debated, debunked, destroyed and denounce. You will be silenced for not having the sensible brain to come to your senses on common facts and common sense.

Destroying Transgenderism and exposing hypocrisy
Side: No, never, NEVER!
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Men don't get pregnant. The leftists cannot answer the simple question; What is a woman?

The answer is: A Woman is someone who is of the female gender, with feminine traits. Yes, femininity is related to the female gender and to the female biological sex. Gender and sex cannot be changed. It will never be changed nor alternated. No matter how many times you go through surgeries, it will NEVER work. You are either born a boy or a girl. I have spoken absolute objective facts that are universally shared and true.

There are 50 states in the USA with California aka Commiefornia as the worst state to ever exist along with Texas and Florida as the top two best ones so far due to it's absolute universally justified Republican majority who accept facts and religious freedom as well as having common sense. Bidencrats aka corrupt democrats have gone criminally insane with a hint of antisemitism thanks to Kamala Harris. There are 2 genders in the human race; male & female. There are 46 chromosomes per human; male and female wise individually. But with rare genetic disorders and stuff, this could vary...sadly. Although rare, missing or extra chromosomes can cause rare mental disorders such as down syndrome and such. I remember what I remember from Biology 101. XY are the sex chromosomes for a male infant. XX are the sex chromosomes for the female infant. XXY is still male but with a biological defect. XXX is still female but with a biological defect. Intersex is a birth defect and such defects do not count as new genders. Leftists who claim it is are ignorant truthphobes. The man aka the dad gives the infant within the mother either an X or Y sex chromosome. The woman aka the mother gives her the child in her womb an X sex chromosome. Therefore, marriage & true love is only between a real man and a real woman as God eternally intended it. This will never change. As a right winged absolutist, adhered to moral values of Restorationist Christianity, I have spoken absolute universal facts. Opposition and fools will be invalidated, exposed for their hubris, pride, vanity, lust, sloth, wrath, gluttony, greed and hypocrisy by the truth and only by the truth.

Why do I not accept the alphabet cult of liars, idolaters, sexists, hypocrites, femnazis, & neo-communist-marxist snowflakes?

1. The truth is they are harmful to everyone because of their indoctrination of children into their gross ideologies

2. Gender cannot be changed and this toxic group is imposing that it's a "social construct". Facts cannot be changed.

3. MAPs aka Minorly attracted people. Yeah, they are about to accept pedophiles under a "safe alias" in order to go undetected. Trust me, we who have common sense are onto you.

4. Homophobia, transphobia etc does not exist. How? We aren't irrationally scared of you, that's why we are not afraid to continue opposing your agenda for control, power and to dismantle the absolute objective structure of family; One man(Husband), one woman(wife) and ofc, sons & daughters.

5. The truth is, lgbt brings aids/hiv, STDs, STIs etc. It brings no beneficial contribution to society neither does it bring newborns into this world.

6. They work alongside BLM who are terrorists not for black lives at all.

8. They support abortion which is murder and ofc, yes, religiously, it is to go against God, to kill babies to worship the devil. That is evil.

9. They aren't as nice as you think they are.

10. True love and marriage is only between a man and a woman.

11. Their pronouns does not exist. Yet they claim there are more than 2 genders. They are mentally ill and need to be placed in a mental institution for re correctional purposes.

Men are men. Women are women. You cannot change your gender nor your age. If you do, pedophiles can do the same thing. They can claim they are a girl when they are not. They can seemingly legally change their age and then go after kids. Let me ask you, would you want that? If you have common sense, you will say no. These days, the subjective, toxic, hypocritically demeaningful dystopia of snowflakes claim they are for equality and such. But are they? No. They indoctrinate their sexuality, false ideologies and such into schools to force kids to believe it. Some people may claim, "they don't care". But that's only if it's harmless right? Well, it's gotten personal to where they think they own the world and are seeking sympathy by hiding their true intentions. Leave kids alone or face the full force of the Law Enforcement and Justice System. The pride group will face a fall. Their lust is not love. These are simple facts. Truthphobia is real and this group denies facts and truth. They are Christophobic and heterophobic. They are the pinnacle of hypocrisy itself. Anyone who fails to see this and seeks to attack me for speaking facts will find themselves surrounded, debunked and reasonably doubted.

Common sense will triumph because God will not allow children to be targeted nor us to mess with our biological features. Men cannot play women's sports on a women's team. Women cannot play men's sports on a men's team. It is only acceptable when you have a unisex sports team that allows both men and women to play together. But if it's exclusively a men's team or women's team, yes, members of the other sex will not be included. They can watch though. Now another fact is, men cannot claim to be women nor can women claim to be men. Bruce Jenner is still a man. Ellen Page is still a woman.

Is it necessary to have so many pronouns we never heard of? Nope. The toxic group thinks they can control how the population thinks eh? Not on tik tok, facebook, nor any social media. Freedom of speech will silence them in under 2 milliseconds and it will continue because we, the people will not comply.

The left is typically offended by this one question: What is a woman?

Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro and other Champions of truth continue to destroy the leftists agenda of lies, deception and utter hypocrisy.

I will be happy to join the conservative movement for all American citizens who have common sense to not deny facts of biology and truth overall. Lgbt need to be arrested for their aggressions against normies, hypocritical verbal abuse, heterophobia, Christophobia, truthphobia and ofc, the tendency to force everybody especially kids to be seduced by insane ideologies on gender/sex and sexual orientation aspects.

There are only 2 genders; male and female.

The basis of lgbt is relativism. Relativism is the belief of no objective truth, no shared fact, no good nor evil, nor right nor wrong. Atheists use this and it is a failed tactic. "Sciencerules" has been defaced time and again because of his multiple acts of hypocrisy, misinformation and ignorance. Lgbt claims there is no objective truth and yet pushes their ideology onto everybody else, especially those who disagree with truthful and honest challenging points; questions included.

Intersex is a chromosomal disorder caused by genetic mutation. Biology proves it. That's the evidence.

Men are men. Women are women. Women give birth to children. Men do not give birth. Chromosomes determine an infant's gender at birth. XY is male. XX is female. XXX is a female with a defect. XXY is a male with a defect.

Gender/sex cannot be changed are one and the same. There is a large biological difference between men and women.

Age cannot be changed.

Racial background cannot be changed. Transracialism is racist. Transgenderism is sexist. Feminazism is also sexist. Lgbt are harmful to the core towards men, women and young children; boys & girls.

Transgenderism is based on mutilating and targeting children. This is immoral and no, transgenderism is not a valid ideology.

Lgbt are sexually targeting children and adults alike, encouraging sexual immorality and insane identifications

Feminazism is based on man hate and are also hypocritical towards real women who know who they are. In other words, feminazis are sexist towards men and against members of the female gender/sex.

BLM claim to be for black lives but are racist towards everybody, they are terrorists.

Eco terrorists for climate change are simply terrorists who want humanity to be extinct. In fact, all these movements are hypocritically and factually a danger to society itself. Misinformation and slander plus insults only come from lgbt, BLM, feminazis, eco terrorists etc.

"Freedom is the right to be wrong. Freedom is not the right to do wrong." - Motto of the Supreme Court of Canada

Fighting for family rights and to protect your children is not wrong. Indoctrinating kids into immoral content through an agenda meant to harm humanity slowly? That is unacceptable. Everybody makes mistakes but if you are proud of your mistakes, hubris has taken over your soul.

"Man or woman, anyone with a sick mind can do anything." - Batman to Poison Ivy

God shall always prevail and He is prevailing.

What is a woman?
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The only term relating to pregnancy I've ever heard is she's pregnant, a woman saying, I'm pregnant.

I suppose you could argue that you could say something like; I saw a pregnant person today, but I've never heard any such expression being used.

So, I'm of the opinion that the use of such a turn of speech would have to have woke type connotations attached.

Side: No, never, NEVER!
Another-Alt(237) Disputed
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I saw a pregnant person today

Funnily enough, me too. She was very talkative and told me she has a son who calls himself Norwich.

When I asked her who the father is though, she wasn't able to answer definitively, on account of TAKING SO MUCH BONGO DICK it renders paternal identification a complex matter.


Side: Yes, sometimes.
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By no means.

Excuse my reply but no insult or malice is intended, but I think of a pregnant man only by him having abortions everyday between farts.

Side: No, never, NEVER!