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We have the whip hand. No one could overtake us.
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Should we whites use the science of Eugenics to maintain our racial superiority?

If the science of Eugenics was properly funded and developed we could improve and accelerate the desirable mental and physical evolution of mankind.
As this process was initiated by whites I feel that such a project should be directed exclusively to the continuing advancement of white superiority.

We have the whip hand.

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No one could overtake us.

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Small minded people would try to demonize such a project by referring how Nazi Germany tried to improve the Aryan race.

Whilst progress in this field did show how the science of Eugenics can, and did improve the genetic characteristics of the German nation it was dismissed due to claims of its racial bias and unscientific foundation.

I feel we should resurrect this science and continue to build on the advancements already made.

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Democrats currently practice eugenics. For example; 4 black women get an abortion for every 1 white woman (those statistics are much higher in our inner cities). Leftists (especially white women Democrats) fight VERY HARD for abortion.

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excon(18196) Disputed
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Democrats currently practice eugenics. For example; 4 black women get an abortion for every 1 white woman

Hello hater:

To say that Democrats practice Eugenics because 4 black women get abortions for every white woman, is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

Ain't nothing you can say about ignorance of this sort..


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As history clearly and undeniably shows that it was those white medical and technical scientists, academics, engineers and adventurers who advanced the frontiers for the betterment of all mankind.

In this context it would be consistent with common sense to give such a program a head start by commencing with the proposed initiative with those with the greatest proven intelligence quotient and intellectual capacity.

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Wow, a real life Nazi here!! Are you suggesting we try to exterminate an entire race ?! We’ve been there, done that. It’ll never happen! I do agree that Black people as a whole race (not on individual basis) are less intelligent than whites and Asians - BUT they should not be exterminated!! WTF

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Norwich(1423) Disputed
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How do you endure the monotony of being so persistently mistaken?

Eugenics is the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of characteristics regarded as desirable.

This concept was developed mainly by Sir Francis Gallon who was an English anthologist, statistician and explorer, among many other things.

The purpose of his work was intended to improve ''THE HUMAN RACE''.

Eugenics does not call for, or even remotely suggest the extermination of any ethnic group or specific race.

Your disturbed psychological state has led you on a hysterical rant about how the Nazis tried to use Eugenics to improve the genetic characteristics and increase, what they considered, the superiority of the Aryan race.

Eugenics is not associated with any one particular race or specific ethnic group.

Order yourself a FAST TAXI and go straight to the nearest Psychiatric Clinic have yourself committed for an indefinite stay.

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Slavedevice(1393) Clarified
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So you are saying you are not even a little bit racist? Hmmm. Your opening line talks about white supremacy.

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Well, girls and boys, for whatever the reasons, 'we are where we are', and try as some people do, we can't rewrite history.

For P.C., reasons many questions remain not only unanswered but unaddressed.

Why were so many black societies in such a primitive state that they were unable to defend themselves against the ruthless lowlifes who captured them and sold them into slavery?

Before slavery got going on the industrial scale which it did, why did the black African Nations fail to invent anything of universal usefulness?

Even though slavery has been abolished in the U.S., since 1865 and for well over 100 years in most European Countries I am unaware of any inventions of substance made by blacks nor the existence of any black founded multinational, giant corporations or financial institutions.

Pretending that this backwardness is not attributable to a racial genetic factor is the epitome of burying your head in the sand.

Why, even in countries where blacks were never enslaved but were made welcome as immigrants do blacks commit such a significantly disproportionate number of murders and violent crimes in general?

Is violence and criminality a congenital characteristic of the black's psyche'?

These searching questions along with countless others are skimmed over by the left/woks leaving the only answers we are offered to be the standard P.C., brigade's gobbledygook which offends the intellect of those who read or hear it.

Shrinking away from THE TRUTH doesn't dilute the truth, instead all it does is to sweep THE BLACK PROBLEM under the carpet and permit the diabolical violence and spiralling crime rate to continue.

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