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Should weed be legal?


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It's used so much, it might as well be. I won't pout health facts, because I truly don't know any. I won't spout conspiracies because I'm absolutely sure if they're true. I won't even say make it legal since alcohol is, because two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm just saying that since it's used so commonly world wide recreationally, that the government (that I believe stands to make money) is losing out on some serious change.

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trumpet_guy(502) Clarified
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I'm guessing you're saying that the governmentshould tax weed? If the drug most people would want to be legal is an "underworld drug", how would the government tax it?

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Quocalimar(6470) Clarified
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They'd tax it by making it legal. They've already begun doing this in California, for medicinal purposes, and in Colorado and Washington for recreational purposes.

Obviously some people would still sell it underground but that's to be expected in a market economy like we live in, yet the majority of it would still be sold out in the open where the government could get a cut of the profit.

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