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Yes Guns kill
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Should women be able 2 defend themselves from attackers by any means necessary?


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Guns kill

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Anybody should be able to defend themselves from an attacker by any means necessary.

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Yes, they should. everyone has the right to defend him/herself. when a man realizes that a woman can kick his ass, he ll stay away.

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This is the phoniness of everything Democrats say they stand for.

They say they care for women but do not allow them to carry conceiled weapons for protection from rape.

They say they care about our most innocent children while they support no restriction abortions of viable babies for any reason.

They say they hate censorship while censoring religious symbols on public lands when celebrating our Christian heritage.

They say they care about Gay rights while supporting Muslims who support killing Gays.

They say they care about Black people while supporting the forcing of family owned African American businesses to cater KKK conventions.

I could go on and on showing the hypocrisy of the Left. The truth is they stand for nothing but their closeted socialistic ideology.

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Yes there is to much rape they should be able to kill with blender if they have to

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