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Should women be allowed to show their nipples in public?


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Well, I went to a beach in France where it was one of the things that could be shown (Or should I say TWO ;-). I saw nothing to object to and it (they ;-), caused no objections from others attending. However, the French take their religions a bit more lightly I think …. I mean, they don't go crazy about the things Americans go crazy about. I mean, a fig leaf, it seems, was enough in the Bible.

Think about it …. it might be just what we need to get people to take better care of their bodies …. like they obviously do in France. ;-)

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Sure, why not? I mean if men can then why can't a women? Of course you have the idiots that panic over a woman breast feeding in public but maybe they will get the stick out their asses if they are exposed to more nippage.

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