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Should women be considered as Cannibals

If a women has ever taken man milk and drinketh it while it has been disperesed out should those females be considered canniblas since they are devouring pre baby boomers.

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3 points

Sperm isn't human and you used "drinketh" incorrectly.

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Using the same logic a male who masturbates is a mass murderer.

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Mother of God... ;)

KingBlack(223) Disputed
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Then I belong in the genocide of Bbommers category... Lock me UP!!! and throw me the keys, you forgot to leave one hand free... Boom

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I was thinking of the more "Enviro-feminism" approach, where feminists try to equate dominance of women to dominance of nature itself, putting women in the same realm as nature (as men see them).

so since women eat nature and stuff, they'd be cannibals 8l

of course, this is all rubbish :3

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Just kidding. Of course not, semen is not human. I mean, we've all moved on from the views of Thomas Aquinas, right?

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It's not a baby at all though... Sperm is seed to fertilize an egg.

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Ya but I like giving a dirty evil grin at a female and calling them "my little cannibal" in a jokingly romantic type of way during fun time or should I say right after fun time muahahahaha...

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No way. Just because it can make a human doesnt mean it is one. Thats like asking someone if they want an orange and then you just give them an orange seed.

2 points

I used drinketh how I wanted to which means I used it correctly