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Should women soccer players make more than the men?

From 2016 to 2018, the U.S. women’s soccer games raised about $2 million more than men's soccer, yet a woman could make up to $730,000 less.
The women's cup prize money will go from $30 million now to $60 million in 2023, while the men's prize money will go from $400 million to $440 million.

If women are bringing in more revenue, why are men making 13 times as much?


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I don't know because I feel like they should get paid the same amount- each player of each gender puts in the same amount of work, right? so if you are putting in the same amount of work then you should get paid the same. unfortunately, that is not how the world works.

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It doesn’t seem like it’s actually a straightforward issue:

“When it comes to revenue from games, the women’s national soccer team has held its own against the men’s team since the 2015 World Cup win. But games account for only one-quarter of USSF revenue. Sponsorships make up half, and it’s hard to determine what the women’s team contributed to USSF without more data.”

“It’s tough to make a straightforward comparison of the earnings for men and women players, because the two teams have different collective-bargaining agreements that outline different pay structures.”

“The Fact Checker obtained the new agreement, which took effect in April 2017. Using the same 20-game scenario, we calculated the player on the women’s team would earn $28,333 less, or about 89 percent of the compensation of a similarly situated men’s team player. If both teams lost all 20 games, the players would make the same amount. That’s because the men earn a $5,000 bonus when they lose and the women have a $100,000 base salary.

USWNT players have previously said publicly they believed this was the best agreement they could get without going on strike. McCann said: “The players’ unions negotiated these systems. This type of argument thus implicitly directs USWNT players to blame their own union for negotiating a system that pays them in ways they find unacceptable.”

Under the women’s new bargaining agreement, the players can also earn attendance bonuses, payment for commercial appearances and per diems that are equal and tied to what the men can earn.” 2019/07/08/are-us-womens-soccer-players-really-earning-less-than-men/?utm_term=.2f158570a83b

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