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Should you be required to take a vaccine if it causes blood clots?

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Of course, silly, but, I don't know of anyone "requiring" anyone to get vaccinated ... at least by the government. They "highly recommend" it. Of course, if others want to push it for the safety of their fans or customers, that's their CHOICE.

Few drugs have been produced that didn't cause a few reactions in a few people, some fatal. It's kind of stupid to have millions die because a dozen or so "had a reaction". But then ... it's a lot of fun for some to just spread fear, isn't it??

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Seriously? Don't conservatives ever get tired of being wrong?

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than blood clots. You took a polio vaccine. That's why polio is virtually eradicated. It's rare but you can actually get get polio from the vaccine. Just like blood clots.

Every child who attends school has to take a number of vaccinations.

The best thing we can ask for is that the stupid people who don't vaccinate don't breed.

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Should you be required to take a vaccine if it causes blood clots?

Hello B:

Yes.. How else can the government inject a tracking device?


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