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Raw natural man made selectively bred plan
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Should you eating the raw meat?

The Illuminati vegan agenda makes to want you eating a vegan deit. What human tribe in nature ever ate a vegan deieit? Humans have always eated a meat based eating, that is how we survived the ice age when all the plants died. Why was our brain more bigger during the ice age crow magnons and then it shrink after the agricultural revolution? It is because the brain is made of animal fat and we ate more plant and less animals. All the "staple crop" are never existed in nature, they come from selective breeding. no human ate so many carb or plants in history before agriculture. How can you be healthy eating an artificial diet?

Raw natural

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man made selectively bred plan

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In France we make this dish called "tartare de boeuf" you should try it, it tastes damn good and fits your caveman agenda ;)

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