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Should you punch a Nazi??




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No.. Trump LOVES 'em

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Hello Ex,

Of course... I would. THEY did much WORSE things to jews.... so why not give it right back to 'em?


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NerdRaper(65) Disputed
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Today's Nazi's are responsible and contributed to the holocaust?

What a stupid thing to say, so stupid it just makes me

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mrcatsam(616) Clarified
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No.....I'm saying that today's Nazis associate themselves with the people who were responsible and contributed to the Holocaust. If they still think that's appropriate, we oughta punch them to teach them a lesson.

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of course, and the saying violence breeds violence, imagine what would have happened if we were not violent toward the nazis and isis and everday criminals etc.

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Should you punch an ANTIFA member you ask? Sure. Go ahead Con. Fight the Commies again.

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So why should we not assume these "Nazis" that were nonexistent months ago aren't just leftists creating more fake news.....

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nazis (not capitalized on purpose) are the most filthy genocidal pigs on earth. They hate africans and jews and other non-ariad people. SO YES, I DO NOT SEE A PROBLEM WITH PUNCHING A nazi.

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I would totally punch a nazi. I hate those freaks. I believe that we should make all nazis go through the same process the jews went through.

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I hate the fact that the answers for these things are set up for two wrong answers and casual libel.

Trump obviously hates Nazis: He has been publicly disavowing White Supremacists for a hell of a lot longer than 20 years. His daughter is Jewish.

He sure as hell is not a socialist; just likes capitalism too damned much.

No one belongs in a peaceful society who hits people for any reason but for protection from current or imminent violence.

It is unreasonable to do violence to a person just because:

- 1 - People who share a person's beliefs (or philosophy) have in the past done egregious violence. People are individuals who have individual intentions and act as individuals. There are good reasons that we do not go around hitting Christians because of the Crusades and Inquisition. We don't go around hitting Communists because of the brutality, murder, and oppression that OTHER communists implemented EVERY SINGLE place communism has been implemented.

- 2 - He/She is in an organization that has the same name (or are is called that by some outsider) as people who have done egregious violence Consider that ANTIFA folks call anyone coming out of a Trump or Ben Shapiro event Nazis. Consider that neo-Nazis are generally not even socialist despite the fact that Nazi is short for National Socialist Party. Seriously, How can you be sure you are actually hitting a Nazi?

- 3 - He/She holds a political view or believes a philosophy the implementation of which would include violence or oppression. Until the violent part of the implementation begins, spouting off is just hot air. Otherwise the belief in Sharia would justify hitting Muslims, and the belief in Communism would justify hitting communists.

- 4 - He/she is an asshole. There are just too many assholes for this to be a practical solution. I know Kennedy said, "We do not do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard," but the challenge of a manned mission to the moon pales in comparison to kicking the ass of everyone who deserves it.

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Why you shouldn't punch a Nazi.

Violence breeds violence.

That snap is similar to the famous/infamous photo of an incident during a right vs left wing demonstration/counter demonstration in London England when a left wing thug kicked a policeman on the head while shouting ''fascist pig''

The unarmed Bobby was simply doing his job by trying to keep the opposing sides apart.

The officer suffered permanent brain damage and died some 2 years later with a condition directly related to the physical trauma of the kick.

Apart from breaking the law, punching people nearly always leads to being punched back.

Then the warring factions almost always decide that weapons would be more effective than bare knuckles, so the physical violence escalates into The gunfight at O.K. Corral type conflict.

The only place to express your opposition to any group with whose ideology/political agenda you disagree is at the ballot box.

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excon(14643) Disputed
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Violence breeds violence

Hello A:

It does.. But, WHO was killing the Jews?? It was Nazis. And, WHY isn't that violent? And, what does TIME matter anyway???

I thought you liked the Jews.. You can't support Nazis and Jews both..


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marcusmoon(586) Disputed
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Are you really justifying hitting Nazis just because they are Nazis?

It does.. But, WHO was killing the Jews?? It was Nazis. And, WHY isn't that violent?


Which particular Nazis killed Jews?

Do you really think that one of them was some 25 year-old marching peacefully and yelling stupid, racist things in Charlottesville in 2017?

Doing violence to one person because of something someone else (who believes the same thing) has done justifies beating any Muslim for terrorist violence committed by Jihadis.

There are only about a billion Musims. How many are you planning to hit?

And, what does TIME matter anyway???

This justifies hitting any Jew for the genocide committed by their ancestors against the Amelekites, among other Canaanite tribes.

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Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Your powers of comprehension disappoints me.

My opposition to punching a Nazi does not in any way whatsoever suggest that I support their political agenda.

Neither is my respect and admiration of the Jewish people compromised by my disapproval of resorting to violence to solve a problem.

Newton's third law;- For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, is another way of saying, push and you'll be pushed back.

Confronting Nazism with violence would stiffen the resolve of these extremists and enable the fascist manipulators of this group to present such physical brutality as further evidence of the necessity to neutralize and overcome the opposition with greater physical force.

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No would not punch a Nazi like excon i would just plant a bullet in your brain !

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First of all, we need to have an open dialogue with such people so that we can beat their arguments with our own logical arguments. Physically attacking such people does your cause no good and in fact makes them appear the victim. Further, observers will think that if you could beat their arguments with your own arguments then surely you would have done so rather than responding with violence. If we counter their arguments with our own arguments, as well as appearing the better side to any observers we also have a chance at changing the Nazis' minds. Exerting force upon them, on the other hand, will cement their views further.

In addition, we don't want to drive such movements to feel they cannot engage in the democratic process. If we don't allow people to speak out they will inevitably resort to violence instead. What's more, the violence will appear legitimate because it is the only avenue of change that we will have afforded them.

Moreover, even the moderate right wing, such as Ben Shapiro, (a centre-right Jew that dislikes Trump) are being called Nazis as we saw this week at UC Berkeley. As such, this is an incredibly dangerous meme to promote.

Finally, it isn't moral to exert violence on people merely because they have a different perspective on things, even if that perspective is wrong in the worst ways. To conclude, it's neither pragmatic nor moral to commit violence against Nazis, nor is it compatible with the values of a liberal democracy.

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excon(14643) Disputed
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First of all, we need to have an open dialogue with such people so that we can beat their arguments with our own logical arguments.

Hello W:

Open dialogue for what? To CHANGE their minds?? To WIN the argument?? If people don't know what a Nazi IS by now, open dialogue won't change them..

I'm not interested in changing minds. I'm interested in INFLICTING pain.. FUCK those Nazis.


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Dermot(5796) Disputed
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You say .....people don't know what a Nazi IS by now, open dialogue won't change them........

Nonsense , open dialogue can and does change people but your answer is inflict pain making you every bit as bad as them

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WinstonC(1232) Disputed
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"Open dialogue for what? To CHANGE their minds?? To WIN the argument??"

Yes, to change their minds and to demonstrate to those watching the logical superiority of your arguments, thus inoculating them against ever becoming "a Nazi" themselves.

"If people don't know what a Nazi IS by now, open dialogue won't change them.."

Well to begin I'm not sure that most people do know what a Nazi is, given the fact that the term keeps being misapplied, for example, against moderate conservatives.

"I'm not interested in changing minds. I'm interested in INFLICTING pain.. FUCK those Nazis."

That's not at all pragmatic, you want to inflict pain rather than actually have a positive impact on the world. This is an emotional response rather than a logical one. Also make sure the person you are targeting is actually a Nazi, because the term has been thrown about so much that it's lost all meaning.

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