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Challenge Debate: Should you support the NFL after they allowed players to kneel during the National Anthem?

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I still can't believe people support the NFL, because they let players disrespect the American flag. The American flag is what makes the US the US!! I mean think about it, the American flag represents us, the American flag is us. After NFL did that, my family ditched football because it isn't worth it. Kneeling to the American flag is like not taking your hat off during the national anthem. It is all really wrong

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LoveU(348) Clarified
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They are not that sensless to protest against their own country . They are protesting against the President, what could be the reason why NFL would hate the flag ? None literally because the flag cannot do anything. Here, this is an article to inform people about our topic. why-meaning-origins-racism-us-colin-kaepernick-a8521741.html . You thought NFL is wrong, but if you look deeper at their actions, they have good intention.

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Freedom of speech is allowing people to show their protest whether the President and his fans like it or not . Plus, this protest got nothing to do about football , it's all about politics. Just think about it , if you are a football Player and you think the President is not a good President or corrupt you would do the same

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