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Should you tip furniture store delivery guys?

My brother paid $800 for a couch and a $60 delivery charge. Should he now tip the 2 movers for bringing a couch to his apartment on the second floor?

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He's paid plenty already

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Yes, $3,500

This question was truly a thought provoking conundrum for me. I postulated that the delivery person was careful and professional as a service industry employee and deserving of a tip. Furthermore, I concluded that a person able to afford a new couch is likely a employed average American with an average income. Considering that a decent used Buick with low miles and no more than 10 years old is approximately $2500. Factor in the distinct possibility that the customer is a happy high paid corporate executive with an affinity for making bold gestures of kindness. Lastly the fact that I'm a delivery man of couches and the extra thousand bucks will either be invested in hookers or gambling. $3,500 is the correct amount.

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If they are hauling a couch up two flights of stairs then they should get a tip for that. If they just left the couch outside for your brother to take up then no.

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The family all pitched in and both guys got $35 a piece. Fair? The delivery guys seemed happy.

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I think that's a fair tip. Honestly I was thinking 15-20 dollars each so hey, that was nice.

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I agree with mint tea.

If the goods are delivered in 'good condition and the delivery personnel are obliging then I'd drop them $20 total.

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Lunch and a beer or the equivalent seems like a good tip. More if the spirit leads you to do more.

You aren't obligated to give a tip. You probably wouldn't cause too much of a stir if you didn't tip. I say it is good to tip, because you might be having it hard, but you never know how hard the other guy is having it. Leave it to God.

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