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Should you wait to buy a next gen video game system xBoxOne or PS4?

If you consider the amount of time it take for next gen gaming systems to cach their stride, do you believe it is better to adopt now or wait?


An interesting graphic from Buzzfeed says you should wait if you are at all concerned about content, pricing and general adoption (i.e. the masses have accepted it)!  Check it out below...


What do you think?


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I'm waiting just because I don't even have time and money to invest into video games anymore.

I will eventually when they're cheaper and have more options.

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The prices for these consoles are outrageous!! Why are they so high in the first place? I plan to buy one for my brother as a Christman present, but they are totes expensive.

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Supply and Demand.

Although, the playstation 4 is $400 (once they stock stores again).

Cheaper than the ps3 when it first came out (600).

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Most likely if you plan to buy a next generation system. I am investing in both the PS4 and XBOX One, but I rarely play games on there. Most I have ever played was Skyrim or Sims 3.

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Yes, because there might be problems with the system. Like I know last year the issue with the current gen consoles when they came out was that they overheated and broke. Then they later came out with a newer version of that console and now people don't face overheating at all.

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Currently I am playing Tomb Raider on a 27" Dell XPS with a Microsoft XBOX controller plugged into the USB port. I can also connect the computer to my big screen TV through the HDMI port and play in the living room. If one of the PC's components doesn't meet my needs, I can replace that component. If I go to my friend's house and I want to play my game from where I left off, I just install the Steam client from the internet, log on, install my game, and I'm off and running. I imagine that in the future I won't have to install my game. And if my friend has Steam, I wouldn't have to install that either. I would just log on ;)

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Nah, I'll just rather go for a PC or mobile gaming. They cost less (well, sometimes.), and IT LAGS LESS FREQUENTLY.

Some peoples thoughts on the PS4/other consoles...
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