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 Show off your desktops! (22)

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Show off your desktops!

I've been in the mood of customizing my desktop and things, so I figured I make one so you guys can show off the appearance of your systems. I'm espescially interested in what ChuckHades has, if he chooses to show, lol.

I'll add mine as an argument. :)

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Selena Gomez?

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Must've been a misclick. I had though it was on this:

You watch Adventure Time? o.o

joecavalry(39741) Clarified
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Oh..., yeah..., I don't put icons o my desktop. ;)

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Wow. :)

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Dang, Joe. That looks awesome. I may even download it... :)

And you should showcase it somewhere else besides Deviantart.

I think it's in at least 2 other sites. I also have a green version and I have the computer cycle between them every minute or so. Since it's mostly a color change (the orb is different) it's a nice, smooth, cool transition. ;)

Oh..., and there's a fire dragon version as well. I get bored ;)

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Alright, I changed the font and the size of the task bar, and added a semi-minimalistic wallpaper, so here's the new one.

I hope I do not fail the mighty MasterKage ;)

Anyway, this is my Windows desktop: My computer with Linux is away right now, so I may post a picture of that when I get it back.

There's nothing that interesting on it, it's just hacking, pokemon and terrible strategy games.

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Pretty interesting, although I'd use more folders so it doesn't look so cluttered.


The problem with that is that my memory is horrible. If I put something in a folder, it's basically doomed never to be used again, as I'll just forget about it.

And that's a secret ;)

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I can't post mine due to the fact that my desktop picture changes through some pictures that I've got. The majority are of my favorite photos that I've taken, but there's also a lot of pictures of me and my boyfriend through the years, and a lot of pictures of me and my best friend.

I mean.... unless you want me to post them all >.>

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Desktop =/= Wallpaper

And I hadn't presumed anyone would have an actual image as their wallpaper.

If you want you can use this and show us your desktop.

chatturgha(1630) Clarified
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Actually, wait no, THIS is it.

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I'm on Windows 8 so I don't use the Desktop... I still can't figure out if I can put a picture on the Start page? (or whatever it's called... ) I don't think I can. :(

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I heard that windows 8 is really crappy and that you have to go through 4 menus to turn off your computer and one of my friends knows his stuff about computers and I am not going to get it.

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Actually, I heard Windows 8 was alright. Apart from that crappy Metro screen, it's essentially a faster Windows 7.

Hehe :)

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I'm bumping this debate.

AdriatiX(1) Clarified
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Some cool desktops in here. Personally, I like to have my desktop clean and well organised. In addition to that I like to add an awesome wallpaper just to spice up everything. :P

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