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Shut me up, Hootie.

Tell you what, Nom. I will [email protected]#k off and leave you alone if you can adequately answer one question. Pay attention, think carefully, don't dodge this one, come up with something rational, and I promise I will go away.

We live in a violent world. We do not require guns, or bombs, or even any other weapon to kill our fellow human beings, and some of us don't even need a reason. It falls entirely inside the spectrum of possibility that either of us will be victimized one day. You have the hope that that won't happen, as do I. But hope is not a plan. I have a plan. (Actually, I have twelve plans. Two on the wall, two next to my bed, one I keep on my hip, seven in a safe, but that's not particularly relevant, I just hope it pisses you off.)

When someone physically larger than you, or armed with a baseball bat, or armed with an illegal firearm breaks down your door, the police are ten minutes away or perhaps you can't even reach them, and you have the hope that they aren't there to rape or kill you or your family, what is your PLAN when hope fails?

I posed this question to Hootie a few days ago. As could be expected, he deflected the question first into a straw man argument claiming that I wanted to shoot anyone I felt victimized by, then waxing poetic about there being no such thing as the black-and-white "good guy versus bad guy". None of which, of course, is in any way helpful when someone is expressing opportunity, capability and intent to commit violence on you or yours. I pointed out that he didn't answer the question, and even gave him some time to think about it, but now I'm obligated not to go away. Given that Hootie , Nom, whatever you want to call him clearly has no answer to the question posed above, I now direct it at ANYONE who calls themselves "anti-gun".

What is your actual plan when shit goes sideways, and someone is actively trying to kill/rape/whatever you or your loved ones?

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I highly doubt that hootie has any coherant response. You'll be a Nazi in like 30 seconds because he has no other ammo in the cannon.