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 Signing out by it self. (21)

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Signing out by it self.

Have you had the problem happen to you while you were typing in a debate or answering somebody post it logs you out by it self? Just wondering because it's been happening to me a lot.

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Yes it has happened to me a few times, and sometimes I get tired of logging back in

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I haven't run into that issue yet. I hope it gets straightened out for you.

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No, it hasn't happened to me yet. Hope it doesn't start .

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Nope, not me. I hope it gets better for you though. Because I've had that problem on other sites and it's REALLY ^_^

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Yeah. It happens to me all the time. I only can get on CD when I'm at school though, so when it logs me out I usually don't have the time to log back in. It makes me so freaking mad!!! >_<

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Nope! I haven't had that problem??? But while we're on the subject of problems.... (if Andy sees this) The drop down boxes at the top of the home page are annoying as hell!

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Ok, I have heard this one a lot! I will see what it will take to modify the drop down to be only on a click.


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Thanks Andy! On most sites the drop down (or pop up) only occurs while the cursor is over the box... but on here once the cursor goes over the box, the drop down remains until we click it away.

casper3912(1581) Disputed
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You should be able to use onmouseout to get it to go away when someone isn't hovering over it.

The problem I have with them is that they don't automatically go back "in" after I mouseout, I imagine that is what hell no is referring to? So making it only on click probably wouldn't solve the problem and would actually take away a functionality most people expect.

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If you're talking about them dropping down when the cursor goes across it, I have to agree.

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YESS! Lol, it happened not that long ago actually, but thankfully I wasn't typing out a debate. I usually type my larger debates out on word so that its safe but I totally know what you mean - sooo irritating lol!

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To all,

I have not had this problem at all, nor have I heard about it until this debate! Could you please forward me the following info so I can see if i can replicate it? Please message the ID addltd.

Operating system?

Internet browser and version?

If there are any specific actions you are doing when this happens?

For starters....



Seriously, does this constitute as a real debate? The website has bugs, because the managers have been not keeping up the site.