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Since when did having a cell phone become a RIGHT?


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Why don't we have a government program to give poor people an iPod? ;)

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The government is starting to make being poor a desireable thing. All I have to do is quit my job and apply for food stamps, public housing and, now, a cell phone. Then I can laugh (on my government provided phone) all the way from my (government provided) housing to the grocery store to get my (government provided) food. I will be laughing because it will all be paid for by all of you working suckers. You'll be getting up early in the morning to go to work and fight rush hour traffic while I lounge around ;)

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I was making my point earlier look what happens when you have unions and goverment and liberal democrat rule. You have Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and California all going bankrupt. Name one Republican ruled state that is in trouble there is none. A cell phone fits with their agenda.

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When people think with their heart, their brain atrophies ;)

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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"Name one Republican ruled state that is in trouble there is none."

One of the states the mentioned literally four words back, California, has a Republican governor, as does Minnisota.

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I guess it all goes hand in hand. I've got to pay for your food, clothes, kids education, health insurance, cigarettes, liquor and drugs, why the hell not pay for your cell phone. At least that way, I know you'll be in touch with your Family Practitioner, employment office, and your childs school to make sure everything is A- O.K.

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I feel that all people have the right to an education, but not all of them have choosen to take it. For the poor people anything could have happen to where they loss everything.So who are we to judge what they get or be jealous about something they gotten, because most of us can afford to have expensive cars they can't.

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The question is, are poor people entitled to a cell phone, paid for by those who are not poor?

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