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Leftism is a complete failure We'll eat bugs
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Smithfield Foods to close California meat-packing plant due to high costs

Meat-packing giant Smithfield Foods said Friday it will close its only California plant next year, citing the escalating cost of doing business in the state.

Leftism is a complete failure

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We'll eat bugs

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Here you go Excon, some more links.

"Smithfield plans to close California plant over costly red tape and regulations"

"Smithfield Foods to shutter California meat-packing plant"

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Leftism is a complete failure


Your link, is a complete failure.


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JuiceMan(32) Disputed
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I would expect nothing less than for you to make no points or tell us specifically what you are referring to. Of course this comes from a guy who fled Democrat strongholds to a 3rd world country yet still supports Democrats. I'd call you a retard, but even retards aren't this stupid.

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The disastrous financial/fiscal position we are in has gone well beyond the tedious left Vs right slanging match.

The time for argument has come and gone.

We're well past the point of no return and are irreversibly on the slippery slope to to economic ruin.

If you want to indulge in the ''blame game'' it is clear that the leftists/Liberals/wokes are around 70% to 80% to blame for the demise of the United of America but this is now only an academic appraisal as all the point-scoring political rhetoric is nothing more than the death rattle of a once great nation.


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A healthy diet of bugs and grass is what the proud Californians can look forward to.

A little pinch of sea salt along with a dash of black pepper, yum, yum.

Moral behind story, don't go near California.

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