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 Smoking bans. Infringment? (4)

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Smoking bans. Infringment?

There have been smoking bans throughout the nation. Is this infringment on smoker's rights?


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No. That's like saying that a speed limit is infringing on driver's rights. The rules are there to protect those who don't choose to smoke and would rather not be more susceptible to lung cancer.

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Depends. Ideally, the Public Sector would be very limited, and rules within the public sector are also supposed to be limited.

but this is not the case.

However, all that aside, what IS a problem is when you're not allowed to smoke in a Bar (look at NYC). Despite how much you feel that smoking is hazardous to public health, private property is not a part of the public. People who hate smoking (as I call them, faggots) can choose to go to a different bar or restaurant. I do not smoke yet I love the atmosphere of bars and clubs that allow smoking. Not because I like the smell, but because everyone is happy and DOES NOT have to step outside. I would say that most of the people that I hang out with these days are smokers and this idea that they're walking mass murderers is getting pretty old.

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Ok, I live in South Dakota and it sucks because now you can't smoke in any bar that you go to. My uncle owns a bar and all the smoking customers left for Iowa. He lost so much money because of that.

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It is an infringement since smoking is legal. Perhaps, smoking and non-smoking sections should come back in restaurants, so, everyone can be satisfied.

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