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Snake bites. Spider bites.
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Snake bites or Spider bites????????

I'm not sure if I should peirce the complete othe side of my lip or if I should just peirce right next to it. I like both peicings and I've had a couple different people say that they would both be good!!! I don't know!!!

Snake bites.

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Spider bites.

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A few months ago I went camping with a good friend and he sat on a log and got bit on the ass by a snake. I told him to lay down and relax so that the poison doesn't travel as fast while I head back to camp to get my cell phone and figure out what to do. What I found out was that I had to suck the poison out, otherwise he was going to die. When I got back to him he was like, "So what'd you find out?" and I said, "You's gonna die!" ;)

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Definately snakebites. They're better looking...........................................................................

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It really depends on your lips and what kind of jewelry you'll be wearing with it.

I personally like snakebites on a guy more, but spiderbites look better on girls. But this is usually, you could be an exception and be the other way around.

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Well right now I have a blue diamond looking stud in it. It's really cute actually.

I have the same opinion usually, but a lot of people have told me they liked snake bites.

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I really don't know but I would spider bites are less painful then that of snakes but I could be wrong because I've never been bitten by either thank God.

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One time I asked a girl how many piercings she had. She said, "13." I said, "I only count 10." I looked down then up, gasped, turned red, turned around and walked away.

The next day my friend said that she was sitting underneath the air conditioning while it was on (full blast) and that he thus found two of the three missing piercings.

For the remaining days during that week, my friend kept praying that she would wear tight yoga pants. ;)

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Last time Peter Parker was bit he was a super hero. He could fly over buildings, climb to the highest floor. Last time I watched a Bollywood flick, 'Hissss' I nearly died out of no close contact with a real snake. I obviously choose to take a chance over the 'friendly neighborhood' try.

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