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I predict that I will get the awards where I get the most votes ;)

Jc41218(1559) Disputed
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2 points

Most points: Joe

Second most points: Hellno

Nuttiest Theist: lolzors

Biggest Russian Asshole: BigOats

Most Accounts: Lizzie

Most decent person: Silas

Craziest: Dana

Funniest: RavenLily

My personal fav: Guitarguy

Most missed: Saurbaby

Most oblivious: Srom

Most Under the Radar: Jungle-boy

Best new guy: Intangible

2 points

Thank you but NO one is as funny as YOU and that's just when you're sober... Ain't no telling what you'll say once you get home from the liquor store!! :))

Jc41218(1559) Disputed
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I feel ashamed you left me out ;)

I only have one account. Nevermind. You can say what you wish. I cant prove it false. You can't prove it true. No need for me to continue.

lolzors93(3225) Clarified
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By JungLE-boy, I assume you mean me? And what do you mean 'under the radar'? Yeah I'm not very knowledgeable in American phrases. unless it's not American, in which case I suppose I'm just not very knowledgeable.

2 points

-when someone is in a situation where very little or no attention is drawn to them.

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RandomDude will say something funny. ;) <3

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If I were to win anything, a catagory that would suit me is.........

Apart from Chuck Hades because he left a while ago, who's younger than me?

1 point

Probably RandomDude... I think he's fresh out of middle school.