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So Bronto, Was Stalin A "Great Man" Or A "Mass Murderer"

You appear to be confused about this my friend. Are you saying you can't be a great man without also being a mass murderer?

Explain your idiocy.

Great Man

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Mass Murderer

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Say Bronto, hypothetical question for you good buddy.

Let's say you were stranded on a desert island, and you could only bring Hitler's or Mussolini's speeches with you, not both. Which would you choose?

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So Bronto, Was Stalin A "Great Man" Or A "Mass Murderer"

Mass murderering Marxist Bolshevik and ally of Hitler to take Poland.

Great man?

Neither great, nor a man. Just like you.

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Hootie(503) Disputed
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Mass murderering Marxist Bolshevik

So, to clarify your meaning, he was a "great man" because he mass murdered Marxists?

Neither great, nor a man.

Can you provide your evidence that Stalin was a woman please? I would be very interested to see that good buddy. These theories of yours are fascinating. I feel like I'm back in primary school. Ah the nostalgia.

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