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So Hillary made an appearance, just long enough to remind us why we didn't vote

During the 2016 presidential election, Democrats were so sure that they were going to be able to defeat the Republicans in every race. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, made multiple claims that she was going to win the election. Then reality set in and she was absolutely destroyed.

As everyone knows, Donald Trump won the election in an electoral landslide. Despite the protests of certain people saying that the popular vote should decide the election, Hillary was thoroughly embarrassed at the loss. Since then, she has only made a few public appearances. She must have been thinking about the election, because she claims to know part of the reason why she lost.

On Thursday, Clinton sat down for an interview at the Women of the World Summit held in New York. There, she was asked to reflect on her election loss. Specifically, she was asked about the role that misogyny played in the election. According to Clinton, it “has to be admitted” that it was one of the reasons that she was defeated.
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Yup. She was entirely out of touch with reality the entire race and she remains inside that bubble of ignorance. The misogyny thing is total bullshit. I did not meet a single person over the year leading up to the election and the entire year of the election that said her vagina was the reason they couldnt vote for her. I met countless people who opposed her who said "if it was literally ANY other woman i would vote for her".

It was never about her coochie it was about her garbage policies and how badly she got exposed by bernie over the primary. She entered a presidential race under fbi investigation, got exposed by emails showing she praised closed (undemocratic) primaries, she atheist shamed bernie in the midwest, she cheated and got debate questions early ,ect ect ect. She was plagued constantly by the reality that shes a sellout and nobody bought her bullshit. She wouldnt release her wallstreet speeches and tried desperately to make people forget about them but they didnt. She tried desperately to downplay her sucking off big money for donations but we all saw it.

Her rhetoric on the issues was shit. She was pro TPP like 6 months before the race and suddenly shes against it? people arent that stupid hillary.

And you know what? Maybe people couldve gotten by aaaaaaaallllll of these things and voted for her if only she had a conversation with them and convinced them that her policies were the best for the country. But she didnt do that. She 1. labeled everyone who opposed her as a racist or a misogynist or an [insert any label here] which caused people to immediately give her the finger she rightly deserved. And then 2. she had garbage policy arguments and ran a campaign on empty platitudes and cliches. She ran policy based ads 40% LESS than any of the previous 4 presidents.

She didnt attempt to convince people on the issues that people care about. She just acted like Trump saying "pussy" was so damning that shes got it in the bag and shamed anyone who opposed her and figured the policy either didnt matter or the stupid plebian masses were too dumb to understand them.

Either way she blew it and she has nobody to blame but herself.

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I think she deserves two or even three fingers, not just one. I think Bill knows what I mean.

AveSatanas(4425) Clarified
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Maybe if Bill knew how to work it right he wouldnt have gotten into such a pickle .