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 So called Moderate Muslims do what so called Liberal Christians do. Twist their reigion. (28)

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So called Moderate Muslims do what so called Liberal Christians do. Twist their reigion.

I have been told there are 100 verses in the Quran that speaks to killing the infedel and unbelievers. This does not sit well with so called Moderate Muslims. They have simply done what so called Liberal Christians have done. They have twisted what their religion actually teaches to be more palatible to the masses.

They have created their own religion that fits  their own personalities and personal beliefs rather than their God's word. It's what we call cults or offshoots of a religion, but changed for sake of man.

We see Liberal new age politically correct Christian Churches popping up all the time. These Churches decided they no longer wanted to follow the Christian faith as written because of issues such as homosexuaity, abortions, feminism, etc. etc.
They created Churches with Gay Pastors,  women pastors who support abortions, etc. etc.

So they did what political correct Muslims have done..... deny their scripture rather than simply being honest and saying they do not believe what their religion teaches.

They created political correct cults for one reason and one reason alone. They wanted to tear down their true religion as written because they did not like what it said.
They could have created a cult and gave it another name but they did not want to do this. They wanted to transform the Islamic and Christian religion to fit our new age culture.

It's kind of like Liberals calling the Constitution a living document. It changes with the political correct times.

You see, they have no true faith to stand on because they know their new age cult is all man made. Their cult is not real to them, but rather a social gathering  whose goal is destroying Christianity as written.

They believe in nothing but themselves, but they want to first water down the Christian faith so when it is all done, there is nothing left but PC indoctrination. The name would someday change to.... The political correct book of Progressives.

Moderate Muslims say that terrorists take the litteral meaning of the Quran. LOL, no kidding, what else is a person suppose to believe than the words written in their scriptures. Moderate Muslms have taken it on themselves to change the litteral words in their Quran with a complete transformation.... a cult.

So called Liberal Christians call those who actually believe the words as written in the New Testament..... "FUNDAMENTALISTS"
They make it sound terrible to actually believe what the Bible actually says. You see, it's no longer politically coreect for Christians to say Homosexuaity is a sin. If you say such non inclusive things, you are labeled a "FUNDAMENTALIST".

Do you see what Political correct Liberals are doing? They are ridiculing you if you actually believe your faith as written. The Left wants to be the ones telling our children what to believe. Liberal Pastors who have created new age cults want to teach our children how to think the "political correct correct way".

Now I believe the Islam religion is false so therefore I wish that so called Moderate Muslims would be honest about what the Quran actualy teaches and stop trying to say that Terrorists have distorted it. Terrorists are actually doing what it says to do.
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Yes, all those verses you point out mean nothing to so called Moderate Muslims. Those are "litteral words" dont you know? LOL.

People are supposed to listen more to these Progressive Muslims and Christians who know better what their religion teaches, than the actual words written.

Yes, this is man doing what man does. Making God in his own image.

Now if anyone wastes our time by bringing up old testament Jewish law and the verses in the old Testament.... don't!

I am speaking to the New Testament Christian faith.

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You do know that there really are not any Islamic terrorist attacks due to Islam, don't you? I thought there were, then I read this from Obama who blames global warming for the attacks. All along I thought it was crazy Muslims to blame, now I know better. It's global warming. LOL obamaotherworldle.html

Yes, we should all bury our heads in the sand and allow Liberals to explain the true meaning of life.

I never knew that Liberals were all knowing and have the power to transform everything to fit their ideology.

mrcatsam(653) Disputed
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It's not it's twisting our religion. Is is creating a more welcoming environment than conservative Christians. What wrong with that pastors? What's wrong with women who support abortions?

I know, they just don't fit the characteristics of straight white males to be priests.

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And by the way, we're not being politically correct. We're just being respectful.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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You just admitted the truth to what I said. They are changing the Bible to make it more palatible for the masses.

How on Earth can you think that is ok to do?

That would be like taking historical documents and changing them to make past historical events more welcoming to people today.

How can you support twisting the truth of any book to make it more politically correct?

You are Pro abortion and ask the question, what's wrong with pro abortion people taking the Christian faith and twisting it to say God supports abortions?

God says he knows us in the womb. It says he knows what we will become. HOW ON EARTH COULD HE SUPPORT PEOPLE KILLING THOSE HE ALREADY KNOWS?

The Bible says Homosexuality is a sin. It matters not what political correct progressives think. They are not God. If they want to write a book describing their beliefs, go for it.

Quit being such arrogant fools trying to twist another person's faith! If you want to create your own cult, go for it, but have the sanity to give your cult another name becase it is anything but Christian.

outlaw60(15500) Clarified
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When you can prove there are Moderate Muslims then do so !!!!!!!!!

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Do you take every word in the New Testament literally ?

If yes, I don't understand. If it were that easy we wouldn't need priests to interpret the Bible, no?

FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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I would leave the explaining of complicated or vague verses to biblical scholars, not political correct activits who don't like what the Bible says.

We need no explanation of verses that say Homosexuality is a sin. It s very clear in it's description.

We need no explanation of verses that says God knows us in the womb and knows what we will become.

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You've just used a contradiction in terms.

There's no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

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I would partially agree with what you are saying, but for the sake of showing the difference between active terrorists, and so called Moderate Muslims, I used that terminology.

Antrim(1297) Clarified
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That's fair enough.

I guess there is a fine line of distinction between active Muslim terrorists and the brotherhood of dormant Muslim terrorists.

You are correct. Many christians and muslims and jews and people of all religions do not take the word of their holy book completely literally. Do we really wanna play the game of me finding bible verses that you don't take literally?

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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If you stay with the New Testament instead of Old Testament Jewish law, there are not many verses I have a problem with.

If I do have a problem with some verses, it is my problem and my selfish desires rather than the error of God. There are some verses that are probaby being symbolic, but when you take the entire New testament in context, you willl understand the truth of every verse.

The Quran on the other hand has many verses speaking to killing the non believers and infedels. There is no mistaking it's intent.

I'm not arrogant enough to create my own cult and tell the world that God now believes in Abortion, Homosexuality, etc. etc.

mrcatsam(653) Clarified
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Ok from,

I agree that the bible does not support abortion and homosexuality. However, that book was written by people who were not influenced by good. Rather, they were influenced by their opinions at that time. That's why it's okay if people change their religion.