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 So if someone kills with a weapon other than a gun, why no deflection of the crime? (7)

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So if someone kills with a weapon other than a gun, why no deflection of the crime?

Listening to Liberal fake news and the Democrat Party, you would think that these mass killings are all about the weapon of choice.

Do these lives mean so little to the Left, that they must always politicize the loss of life?

When someone kills a person with a car, or baseball bat, or hammer, or knife, etc. etc., does fake news sensationalize the weapon of choice?


It's because the Left is run by their Gun hating base, and will politicize any killing that involves a gun. Unless of course it is another inner city Gang shooting. In those cases, no mention of the the ILLEGAL guns used. Those do not fit their fake news rhetoric of how new gun laws will stop the violence.

IT'S A CULTURAL PROBLEM , not a gun problem!

We had many guns decades ago (and anyone could get them), yet we had very few mass shootings of people who were not connected to killer.

What has changed? THAT'S THE QUESTION!

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If you want to get to the bottom of problem, do not elect these Gun hating Democrats.

guojing(5) Disputed Banned
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Does your choice to capitalize the G in gun serve to represent your feelings towards guns as being equivalent to the other capital G in your life?

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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It took you all of one sentence to show yet one more anti Christian bigot on this site.

Go somewhere else to spew your intolerance for Christians.

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ThePeanut Disputed Banned
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Let's ban cars too, since road rage is an issue

Let's sell everybody chemical weapons too, since road rage is an issue and people need to defend themselves!!

Shut your retarded face you stupid little basket case.

Guns and cars are a right for adults who can handle them.

Are you kidding me? You aren't born with any rights you impossibly spoilt fat American wanker. Even if you were, cars are for driving and guns are for shooting people.

Shut your mouth you fat stupid idiot. Go and eat a cake or something you useless fuck.

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We are not talking about chemical weapons, you lying piece of a fuck bag! We are talking about owning a hunting rifle, or pistol, for food, or protection. Nice strawman fallacy. Please kiss my ass.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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To the gun hating hypocrite, cars in the wrong hands are for KILLING! I thought the Left was big on back ground checks to keep weapons of death out of the hands of killers?

Under that same logic, back ground checks on purchases of cars, knives, etc. etc. would have to be enforced as well.

Oh I keep forgetting, it's not about saving lives, it's all about taking our GUNS.

Guns are for protection!!!!! Can you grasp that fact hypocrite? If people were allowed to have concealed weapons, these killers would be dead before they could kill so many.

This is how the Left operates. They first take away your right to protect yourself, and then say there are too many mass shootings so they will have to take away your guns.