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 So why aren't Republicans busy banning abortion right now? (24)

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So why aren't Republicans busy banning abortion right now?

For decades Republican's have promised to ban abortion the minute they got control of all three branches of government but now that they have exactly that AND a right wing Supreme Court they do nothing. Why?  Because they don't want an abortion ban at all, that's the very LAST thing they want.  Abortion is just a vote getter for them.  They've been lying to you all these years.   Wake the hell up!
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As I kept reviewing pregnancy abortion, as this is what you mean by abortion. The basic principle that is involved by wording is an admission to a crime. So the idea of simply making legislation on pregnancy abortion becomes complicated at the constitutional level as a united state.

The understanding that a transfer of guilt is to the public by any admission to the crime being to limit confusion to right along with a lie the words pregnancy abortion uses as a justification. The starting of life is the justification to abortion which is saying the official start is understood to have begun already by the claim an official stop can in fact take place. This lie becomes perjury when it takes place on official documents such as legislation of law.

The guidelines from the Hippocratic Oath describes a Medical procedure in combination with United States Constitutional representation to be less self-incriminating. I would say that the argument of Female Specific Amputation places all woman as a united states without the self-incrimination to crime created by pregnancy abortion on every woman. This instead of the contradiction Pregnancy abortion apparently the art of official stopping the admission held in official denial. The intellectual phrasing for lie.

As far as I can tell up until now there has been little constitutional interpretation made on the point of use of abortion as admission in this way, most of what is promoted publicly is over the alibi which does not really match the self-incrimination made to focus on only one crime. The people selling the confession are simple refusing to own it after it is made. As a pregnancy abortion is a lie if place with the alibi of when life is understood to begin. The alibi really does not even fit how the word abortion is incorrectly used, which is in place of the word termination to pregnancy. All of this moving Americans away from the protection of United States Constitutional representation.

Rusticus(1844) Clarified
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Wow, so much blather and you've said nothing to answer the question so I'll ask in a slightly different way; Why isn't the GOP going after Row vs Wade?

It's not a complicated question, why can't you answer it?

And to all you little GOP chickens out there, are you afraid to answer this question too?

PinkGremlin(34) Disputed
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So why aren't Republicans busy banning abortion right now?

Because we aren't what the fake, left wing media portrays us to be?

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It’s not a certainty that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v Wade, which is where the right should want to start.

For many legislators, it is likely too politically hot for their comfort, much like you said.

This is right.

I am Glad Barak Obama and His Entire Political Wrecking Crew are Gone.

I Pay Thousands of Dollars in Basic taXes Each and Every Single Year. Year after Year after Year, Non Stop. We who are the Working Class - We All Pay.

It is time to Save our Money for Our Own Family, Future, Health and Living.

Instead of being eXpected to Pay for OTHERS SEXUAL ADVENTURES.

Having seX costs a Lot of Money. The Condoms, Pills, The Abortions - Cleaning the Sheets, The USAGE OF HOT WATER to clean Body Parts.

having seX , Pills, Condoms - Abortions and The Cost for the Obama Supporter to Drive or Buss across Town to have SEX is also Costing Money. Money that should be spent for Health Care and Day To day Necessities.

Cleaning, Laundry after seX is not my RESPONSIBILITY. And when and If a Baby is born, That Costs Thousands of Dollars as well. It is Not Mine or Your RESPONSIBILITY To Pay for the seXual Adventures of Others. Having seX is Very, Very eXpensive.

Men And Women WAIT to have seX - who SAVE their Own Money, Who Work and are Responsible and are saving their OWN Money for their FUTURE Families - who Save their Money and Pay their own Way - Who Get Married and Save, So That They Can Pay for Their Own Selves to have seX.

Obama and Hillary - They Put a Gun To Our Heads and They Force us to Give Our Hard Earned Money so that Others Can Have seX. We pay for the Condoms, Pills, Abortions and for the Free Welfare for them to Clean their Body Parts and Sheets. Having seX is not a Human Right. It is a Privilege and having seX is Very, Very eXpensive.

Save Your own Money, Buy Your Own Pills and Condoms and Pay for Your Own Abortions. It is not my Responsibility.

Obama and Hillary Supporters are voting for them because they want the Government to Forcefully take Your Money from You, Fine You eXtra Fees and Or Lock You Up in Prison or Put a Bullet in Your Back - If You refuse.

- Just so they can Have seX. And They are Creating a Total Bastard Society.

Millions of Children Who have no Family, No Father. While they are Never Taught the Necessity of A Father in the Home. or the Responsibility of THEMSELVES to Pay for their Own seXual Adventures


In many Cases - The Daddy, is always, Just Simply - Mommy,s Worst Customer.

Please visit a website i found. See The Things That You Have Never Seen Before.

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Rusticus(1844) Disputed
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@xlandlovetoy - stupidity and insanity together, you've got it all.

Obama and his "wrecking crew" saved us from GW Bush's economic implosion.

You're an idiot.

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And not a single conservative can answer the question, so I will.

Republicans will NEVER ban abortion, NEVER. They just use it to CONTROL YOU, to get your votes EVERY SINGLE ELECTION CYCLE.

Republicans LOVE legal abortion because they can CAMPAIGN AGAINST IT. It's a TOOL for them to get your votes.

They LIE to you and tell you that if you vote for them they'll ban abortion and then LAUGH AT YOU for believing them.



Are you EVER gonna get a clue?????

Do you NEVER tire of being a FOOL?

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Too much CNN this week eh Rusty? You should back off the acid.

We already knew politicians lie like mobsters. Obama was the king of it.

Rusticus(1844) Disputed
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Get a life

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Every single one of the 9/11 high jackers obtained their pilot's license under the Bill Clinton Administration term in office..

Every single one of the 9/11 high jackers obtained their pilot's license under the Bill Clinton Administration term in office..

I already answered this question from you and you ignored it. Now you once again waste our time with the same deceptive rhetoric....

Why do Liberals like you live in a world of deception? It's because you can't debate on the actual facts and truth of any issue.

The GOP tried to pass a 20 week limit on abortion (unless extreme cases which would still be allowed).

It takes 60 votes to pass such legislation. There were only three Democrats who voted for the bill while there were only 2 Republicans who voted against it.



The Democrat Party is the Party of abortion, but when it suits you, liars like you continue to pretend they are not. I guess all the Democrats telling voters how the Republican Party wants to ban all abortions, are simply liars?

Obviously you are on this site to get points. The deception of your posts are used over and over again to gain points. What a waste of time you are.


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My Dear Rusticus -

If Obama saved everyone from the George Bush failed economically disaster and implosion.

Then, Why is Donald Trump's reversal of nearly every single last one of Obama's Administration policies - raising the employment percentages of the country ?

By removing The Obama policies the jobs are coming back - The nation is returning back to the great years of eXactly how it was before 9/11.

Donald Trump is making sure that Obama Policies are never brought back to destroy the economy - and that Liberal Democrats from the past and to Obama, can never pour and dump Islamic Terrorists into the country from every terrorist country that exists.

If You study the 9 /11 hijackers - You find that every single last one of them - on - whom, we have full records on - All of them - outside of one Hijacker } entered the USA during the presidency of the Socialist Liberal Democrat Bill Clinton. And they entered in - easily, under The Bill Clinton Presidency - just before President George Bush was elected.

The one single and only Hijacker who had also entered in without any alarms or known danger - who flew the plane into the Pentagon - had entered under George Bush Senior. . But it was too late. Because the degenerate Liber Democrats had taken over the Presidency.


This same one hijacker - Hani Hasan Hanjour flew the plane into The Pentagon and even - Even he - JUSTY LIKE ALL OF THE REST OF THEM - THEY ALL OF THEM - ALL OF THEM - he received His pilot's license in April 1996 and received flight training in Nov. 1999 under the Presidency of BILL CLINTON.


The Bill Clinton Administration allowed each and every single last one of these terrorists - to be trained, licensed and equipped with full knowledge of how to attack the United States.


The BILL CLINTON degenerate administration gave ALL of the terrorists the full approval - acceptance, and ability to enter into the Colleges, Schools and Training Programs to be fully equipped - to the technology world and enabled to attack the USA without a question or an alarm or a single red flag of concern,

This is because Liberal Democrats are themselves, terrorists, who could not possibly constrain, curb, check, bridle or inhibit the like-minded terrorists who are evil and perverted - just like them.


The George Bush Economy was fully attacked in a full-scale terrorist attack by the Liberal Democrat Bill Clinton administration - that brought the terrorists to America and literally put the weapons right into their evil; hands. Promoting and supporting these Islamic Terrorists until the last plane crashed into the last building - killing thousands of Americans.

May God destroy the Liberal Democrat Party Plans to destroy the USA.

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This same one hijacker - Hani Hasan Hanjour flew the plane into The Pentagon

More bullshit.

"There are some who maintain that the mythical 9/11 hijackers, although proven to be too incompetent to fly a little Cessna 172, had acquired the impressive skills that enabled them to fly airliners by training in flight simulators... According to FAA radar controllers, "Flight 77" then suddenly pops up over Washington DC and executes an incredibly precise diving turn at a rate of 360 degrees/minute while descending at 3,500 ft/min, at the end of which "Hanjour" allegedly levels out at ground level. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: He also had the presence of mind to turn off the transponder in the middle of this incredibly difficult maneuver ... The maneuver was in fact so precisely executed that the air traffic controllers at Dulles refused to believe the blip on their screen was a commercial airliner."

Nila Sagadevan, Aeronautical engineer and pilot.

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If You study the 9 /11 hijackers - You find that every single last one of them - on - whom, we have full records on - All of them - outside of one Hijacker } entered the USA during the presidency of the Socialist Liberal Democrat Bill Clinton. And they entered in - easily, under The Bill Clinton Presidency - just before President George Bush was elected.

A total fucking lie.

A new report accuses the State Department of staggering lapses in its visa program that gave Sept. 11 hijackers entry into the United States.

The political journal National Review obtained the visa applications for 15 of the 19 hijackers — and evidence that all of them should have been denied entry to the country.

Almost all of the hijacker's visas were issued in Saudi Arabia, at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh or the U.S. Consulate in Jedda. Terrorist ties aside, the applications themselves should have raised red flags, say experts. The forms are incomplete and often incomprehensible — yet that didn't stop any of the 15 terrorists for whom the visa applications were obtained from coming to the United States.

The pattern? None of the 15 applications reviewed was filled out properly.

Brothers Wail and Waleed al Shehri applied together in October 2000.

Abdulaziz Alomari claimed to be a student but didn't name a school; claimed to be married but didn't name a spouse; under nationality and gender, he didn't list anything.

Visa approved.

Three months later, Alomari followed his friend Mohamed Atta through airport security … heading for the World Trade Center.

You are a fucking liar.

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"Why weren't the hijacked airliners intercepted by jet fighters and shot down before they could fly into the WTC and Pentagon? Standard procedures call for any airliner that loses radio contact or goes off course to be intercepted. Four airliners were hijacked almost simultaneously, and it was obvious to air traffic controllers immediately. The transponders on the airliners were turned off. The hijackers were heard on the radio. And the four deviated drastically from their assigned courses. Was NORAD told? If not, why not? What did the air traffic controllers say, and to whom? Why did the FBI impound the tapes of those conversations? Why has the public never been told what was on them? Why weren't the congressional investigators told? The independent commission?"

Dr. Robert Bowman, Head of Advanced Space Programs for DOD, Lt.Col for United States Air Force.

"As noted by former Assistant Attorney Mary Schiavo -- formerly Inspector-General at the US Department of Transportation... -- in the last 30 years there have been 682 hijackings in the United States which have been responded to in accordance with the appropriate FAA procedures. Indeed, in the calendar year prior to 9/11, fighter aircraft were successfully scrambled on 56 occasions in response to such emergencies, within minutes."

AHMED, NAFEEZ MOSADDEQ, 2005, The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism. Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England: Arris Publishing Ltd.

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Still at it eh Nom? Still claiming there were no Muslims involved in 9/11 and that steel can't melt because you're anti science?

xlandlovetoy(81) Disputed
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But - Every single one of the 9/11 high jackers obtained their pilot's license under the Bill Clinton Administration term in office..

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Notice how conservanazi always responds for Rusticus. Why? Conservanazi is Rusticus ..

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Conservanazi is Rusticus ..

You have such an incredible talent at being wrong about everything you say.