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So you think the bible is perfect?

Graph of all the contradictions in the bible.

The light gray lines under the red is the Old Testament. The dark gray lines are from the new testament.


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I don't know what your trying to pull here but I can't see the picture.

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Facadeon(510) Clarified
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Look again.

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Srom(12204) Disputed
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I already have that graph with the listed contradiction and I have checked the first couple of contradiction and so far the verses they stated aren't contradictory because they don't read it out of context but I will be disputing all of that and that is my latest project to dispute all of it and look at all of the verses and really see if they are contradictory so far they aren't.

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Cant see the picture too, but Id just like to say that it isnt. There are some discrepancies on it, especially when you compare it with history. There's no such thing as perfect, but just better.

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I will say no, because a book that thick may have some typos and grammar errors. And about that picture, I don't know where you got that from, but it looks like something I drew back in kindergarten.

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Facadeon(510) Clarified
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It's a graph of all the contradictions in the bible.

Each line goes to a certain verse that has said something that logically goes against what was said in another verse.

There's so much of these mistakes that it does look like something a child would draw in kindergarten.

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This graph is NOT all the contradictions, not even 1/4 of them. There are literally 1,000s of contradictions and 99% of them are the result of different and conflicting textual traditions, each penned by different authors with different beliefs, worldviews, and agendas, and which were later edited together.

THat said, the question of the debate rests on a false premise, i.e., that the Bible is perfect or is a unity, etc. and more problematic, that we're dealing with what we think, believe, etc. Not so. As factual as the Bible is a composite of 66 books, it contains thousands of contradictions, irregardless of what I or you think, feel, believe. In fact I have started enumerating these contraditions --- 1 Bible contradiction a day and explaining them with modern biblical scholarship, here

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