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Mouse trap It's not actually free
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Socialism is a mouse trap

Mouse trap

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It's not actually free

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I live in Denmark, which has a governmental system built upon the principles of democratic socialism. I pay around 40% of my income partially to the state government, and the rest goes to the governmental body dealing with more local stuff, like schools for children, and a bunch of other practical things.

Given that I pay a very large amount of my paycheck to this system, I think it is fair to say, that the "cheese" is definitely not free. The analogy of the cheese, the mouse and the mousetrap is very misleading in trying to describe democratic socialism.

Some people just don't wish to understand. That is the feeling I get, when seeing this debate. The creator doesn't wish to understand, he has understood his version of how he thinks reality works, and he probably has no intention of changing his mind. Why??? I honestly don't know, because socialism works for the working people. Maybe he is rich.

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