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 Society is becoming more divided (1)

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Society is becoming more divided

In the UK, the Torys are only in on a minority government, half the country doesn't want Brexit to happen and no-one can agree on what to do. In America, half the country seems to hate Trump, and the political left and right hate each other (this specifically isn't anything new, but it seems that people are becoming very vocal about it). In the case of religion, devout religious people often speak as though they're living in a different society to everyone else, and people seem to be unwilling to allow free speech/debate. 

Any thoughts? Is this because of a more asocial, introverted culture, what effects could it have, or is it just becoming more obvious now than it was before?
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I agree, erin+.

I think the internet is such an easy way to show ones feelings that those who have an agenda just love to spread it. After all, happy people spend most of their time being happy, unhappy people are happiest when they're bitching about what they don't like. Ergo, you have all that think they have something to bitch about … bitchin'.

I was in Spain just before the UK got into the EU. My camera and several things were stolen from my luggage at DE Gaulle. I bought a new camera. The salesperson, who spoke English, said "You're American aren't you?" I said yes. She said "Good, it would cost you more if you were English." That will happen again after Brexit, an expensive mistake, I think, but that's a British problem.

Here, in the U.S. the BIGGEST problem is a person of hate and arrogance in the White House, coming right after a black person in the White House that the carriers of hate and arrogance couldn't stand. Now, MANY are realizing we are being USED by capitalist oligarchs that have purchased our government over the last few years (since Reagan), and our country (democracy) is slipping away. Division is the quickest way for that to happen, the oligarchs are sowing division … along with the blind they can lead … so, you are correct. Good luck.