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 Soundcloud a huge music store (4)

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Soundcloud a huge music store

SoundCloud is likened to an online platform specializing in music and audio, officially in operation since 2008. SoundCloud has many different roles, if you want to store music and audio, this is the place. Great for uploading and broadcasting podcasts.

What's more, SoundCloud also serves as a place where musicians can connect directly with their fans and listen to their opinions on the songs they've uploaded.

Some other audio streaming and hosting services have very strict terms of use, creating complex barriers that make it difficult for users to use. But SoundCloud is an open platform, you can easily share and stream audio easily, transparently or you can download music on Soundcloud to listen to offline.

You can download music from this platform using this website:
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Yes, but I guess you can only listen to this music online? If so, than thanks but no, thanks. I have bad internet, no chance I run into such expenses.

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I need a platform for listening to music and publishing it.

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I am not using Soundcloud. I know there are many music sources but I only use what I got used to. So if you want to save time, you can follow my example and check for MP3s download. This website was found by my son one day and I think I have nothing to compain about here. So tell me what kind of music do you like?

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My friend really wanted to buy a piano for himself and he asked me for advice on where to find a good piano. I recommended this site to him, since there is a large selection of different tools. He was able to choose the most suitable option for him and order it! Now he's learning to play it! It's so cool!