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Challenge Debate: Space exploration should be banned



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I have been cornered at a wall, indefinately parallel to my very unruffled person..before i go into the arguement, i would like to say my stand on this issue, my stand is this: since the world has problems to solve, like the unemployment issue, we should not waste our money in exploring the space that we will not even gain start with, Nigeria, has spent over 5obillion u.s dollars in launching just a space ship but at the end, they have gained nothing, America is oweing the world bank because they borrowed money to explore the space only to come back with nothing, indeed, this shows that there is no gain in exploring the space. Why are we even going to the space, it has been proven that it is only dead amoeba that is there so it is waste of time, energy, and resourses to even explore the space

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lel k

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