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Sparkly answers are the best answers.


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History shows that a person doesn't have to be right for others to designate them as their leader.

They just need to come off as pleasing.

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Yeah.....if sparkly answers are the best than I rule and you can call me Mr. clean!!

But seriously....your question sounds like something Rainman might say.

Like in the movie when he said....."that's a very shiny train."

See....if he were a CD member he might say...."that's a very sparkly answer!"

OK, I gotta go now.....

Only five minutes till Wapner.

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I love how most people here are Autistic.

Abstracts go swoosh.

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As a keen student of psychology I can attest that it is doubtful any of our members are truly autistic.

Now then.......bipolar or NPD or BPD are much more apt to be represented here.

Hope this helps.

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It's been awhile

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Since I could hold my head up high

And It's been awhile.

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