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Speed limit laws? Should we have them?

We all know to we'll about posted speed limits, and most of us have gotten a ticket at one time or another. There a places in the world with no speed limit, there was even a state in the US that didn't have one either. Now it does, but the traffic accidents went down for the period of no limits. And after they posted a speed limit, wrecks increased. So should we have a "safe" speed limit or does the speed limit actually cause more wrecks? 

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Well, I'll put it like this. Most wrecks happens not from speed itself, but from people at intersections not paying attention.

However, I think at least we should have an idea to a reckless driving citation. By this I mean if some one is driving 90 MPH on a crowded highway weaving in and out of traffic, then they should be cited.

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Speed limit laws do a few things good, one thing is prevent people from going at uncontrollable speeds most of the time, and the other and more important thing they do is set a regulation speed to be around.

If not for speed limits, some people would go as fast as they want, some people do anyway, while others might literally just cruise.

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People forget that they need to stop obstructing traffic. With no speed limit you would move to the lane you feel is going the speed you want to go. With a speed limit you feel entitled to be in any lane as long as you are going that limit. That causes people to not think about changing lanes and get in the way. This leads to accidents.

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