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Speeding Laws?

We all live with the reality of law enforcement making sure we match the number on the sign to the number on our speedometer, but is this okay? Some people believe that these laws are either unbiblical, tyrannical, or just not smart. Do you think they solve any problems or are they only as pesky as the field of dandelions growing in my backyard.... 

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The only speeding law that matters is that you make sure you're only the second fastest person on the road. As long as there's someone to distract the cop, you're good. But in some places (coughMiamicough) if you drive the speed limit then there's a pretty good chance that it's because you're trying to die.

That said, I'd like to see these laws go the way of the dodo on interstate highways, but first we'd have to restructure our road system. For one, we'd need a lot more lanes, because most people don't drive as fast as I do depending on what's on the radio.

Seriously, have you ever been driving, and Thunderstruck by AC/DC comes on, and you get a headache because the speed limit is only 55?

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That said, I'd like to see these laws go the way of the dodo on interstate highways

I might be wrong, but I don't think Germany has any speed limit on its main highways.

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I, personally, could go either way. I see the points on both sides, but I think I lean more towards this side for now. I guess the state does own the roads, though, so maybe they should be able to do so? Again, could go either way. What are your thoughts?

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