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Sterilizing Boys

Think of the over population in this country.

yOu have to admit, the numbers are scaling fairly high.

So should a boy reaching an age of sexual maturity,

must by law, be surgically sterilized?

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Sure..., why not? It doesn't affect me nor does it affect my daughters... well...., it would help keep them pregnant free ;)

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If you had been sterilized, they never would have been born. How would you like that?

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Yeah, but right now they're going through their teen years.... maybe when they reach their twenties ;)

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I've been for some sort of population control that did not involve killing already alive humans since 1995.

I also would insist on a test before reversing the sterilization. The man must be over 25, have an average or above IQ, and the means to support a child.

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On a serious tone this is a horrible idea.

Limiting the amount of kids one can have is fine, however if you start sterilizing every boy there will be a huge drop in population. Which would do more harm than good.

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Guys should have a choice if he wants kids or not. No one should make it for them

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