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 Still only one person with the guts to answer the questions. Ask yourself why no answers? (4)

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Still only one person with the guts to answer the questions. Ask yourself why no answers?

These are not hard questions. Five year old kids, before being indoctrinated to political correctness, could very simply answer them.

Let me give you a clue ok? Since I am older than five, I know the answer. To any compassionate tolerant lover of freedom, the answer is No!

Is this site filled up with mute people? Or is it filled up with deceptive Liberals never willing to admit your disdain for our freedoms to say no to things that go against our consceince or faith.
How extremely controlling and dictatorlike your politics and ideology truly are. Big Brother is action for all to see. This is why you hate me. I shine a light on your Liberal intolerance and PC extremism.

One more time......

Would you like to force a divorcee to cater their ex spouse's wedding?
Would you like to force a Peta business owner to cater a fur trapper's convention?
Would you like to force African American family owned businesses to cater KKK conventions?
Would you like to force Prolife family owned businesses to cater pro abortion conventions!
Would you like to force a Jewish owned family business to cater a nazi convention?
Would you like to force a Feminist owned business to cater a convention for Male Cheauvanists?

By not answering these simple questions, you must be either pre school age, or new school indoctrinated.

This is a recurring theme when debating most Liberals on this site. When we ask them questions that show their true colors, they refuse to answer.

Remember when I tried to get them to respond to their support of the testing for and killing of healthy viable Special Need's babies, simply for being diverse and different? They refused to answer. They refused to address their support for the inhumanity.

This is a pattern on debate sites, on fake news, etc. etc.
When the going gets tough, and a person's inhumanity is being exposed, they clam up, or ridicule the person shining the light. They lack the integrity and honesty to admit what they support, because it shows their true nature.

So what do they always do when coming face to face with their own inhumanity? THEY GO INTO ATTACK MODE AND DEMONIZE THE MESSENGER. I will become the homophobe, the hater of women, the hater of the poor, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

It's Liberal debating 101. I will have no part of it. When I am debating a person who is deceptive, and refuses to admit what he supports, I ban him from any debate I create. It would be an insult to any intelligent person to waste time with such people.

Now we will once again see the site clown copy this debate, and all the deceptive people I just described will do what they always do... and demonize the messenger.

I get double exposure to every word I write. How sweet is that?
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Yes or no? Answer the simple questions if you have one ounce of honesty in your being.


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I see someone has been listening to Ben Shipiro! Ayyyyyyyy :D

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Once again he is only seeing one side or another. His questions have been answered, multiple times, just not to his liking so he wants to pretend they have been ignored and call others cowards.

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I can't answer his, and I get the feeling this is pretty common. I'm banned.

I did really answer it, though - discriminating for something one has no choice in is wrong.