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 Stormy Daniels Launches Crowdfunding Drive To Finance Trump Lawsuit (3)

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Stormy Daniels Launches Crowdfunding Drive To Finance Trump Lawsuit

Time to pony up and help bring down the orange turd!

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What? A porn star going after money ?

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I don't have much use for porn stars, but, in this case, YOU GO, GIRL! (You could save America!)

cruzaders(341) Clarified
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I dont know much about US law but even if she revealed her affair with Trump I doubt that could have him impeached or whatever. The left wing media will probably just make fun of him and throw rumors that his marriage is crumbling while right wing media wont discuss the facts much or bring upp the rapes of president Clinton

Am I right?

AlofRI(3160) Clarified
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It depends. What was done and when. Who's money it was, if any threats were made, etc.. We've had running Presidents rejected for, let's say "behavior unbecoming a President" as happens about every day with this guy. He has proven to be the biggest liar to ever have been in the WH. The "golfingest", the hardest to work for, the most vulgar, the most bragadocious (sp)?, the most expensive, the least able to get along with our allies, the most arrogant, the lowest rated, the most codling to our most dangerous enemy ... but I think it's probably money laundering and being blackmailed that will get him. He is just NOT Presidential material! whew, I'm getting tired of typing, but, that's a brief rundown. :-(

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If Trump paid her hush money to win the election that violates campaign finance laws which is no small thing.