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Student Loan Forgiveness is Bullsh*t

You take out the money, you pay it back.  Simple matter of ethics & responsibility.


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And think of the real scam here. The banks get their money paid back with interest instantly at the cost in part to people who are taxed on it despite paying off their loans or never taking any out.

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College loan forgiveness is unjust for the following reasons:

-Those who choose other options aside from College due to the high costs

-Those who worked to fund their tuition, or the majority of their tuition in order to minimize debt

-Those who went to a smaller school after declining a better school, or out-state school, due to cost of attendance

-Those who parents and/or extended family saved money for years/decades to pay for College costs for the young student




(and more)

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You should pay for student debt for aliens in the Andramada Galaxy.

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outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Those that pay taxes should pay for STUDENT DEBT that they took upon themselves ?????

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