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Sucess is not in destination but in journey!


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well the comment given by this fatherfucker, is absolutely disgusting

i think this asshole bhuvan holds his dick in his hands and keeps sucking allday in the school, in front of his principal, 'coz his principal is also a gay, and he has balls,

alas! paradox if you would have balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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i feel sorry for you brotherfucker

i heard that your computer is out of use coz, you found no one so you started fucking your computers USB port!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you know that, that piranhas were your daughters, well they are so sharp, that they can cut my dick, keep dreaming pighole!!!!!!!!!!

i got a doubt

if you have no balls then how does your dick rise, really do you use any stick to tie your dick so that it looks straight.

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paradox(208) Disputed
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I wanna know if you really have any dick or not! Why not accept that you were bitten by piranhas that you lost all your valuable possessions? Don't worry, alstars is also a gay like you!

Wait, i think i got you guys! You both are gays that you fuck each other don't you?

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When you start for your girl friend's house and have completed 50% of the journey, do you attain any satisfation and success and do you go back? Not!

You will fuck her and reach your destination and then you feel your pleasure!

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alstars(737) Disputed
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Can't you get some other examples that are better than this crap? Alright, you are a prostitute, what can you do? your profession is the main reason that makes you think like that!

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